Ferrari ties up with Mont Blanc to create beautiful writing instruments

These are collectable masterpieces, just like the cars.

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Ferrari and Mont Blanc both are well-known luxury brands and both leaders in their segments. When you think of a pen or writing instrument, as Mont Blanc likes to call them, you instinctively think of Mont Blanc. The same goes for Ferrari. To the uninitiated, every red two-door car is a Ferrari. When these two brands collaborate, it links to a perfect synergy.

Mont Blanc makes a series of pens based on people who have left their mark on humanity. The collection is known as the Great Character series. The latest offerings in this series are a homage to Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the Ferrari brand. Enzo Ferrari used to write quite a bit in his times. He used to write letters, diaries, and correspond with publishers, newspapers, clients, etc.

I was invited to witness the launch of these pens at the Ferrari showroom in Dubai. For the presentation, Ferrari had gone all out with their display of cars. There was the 330GT2+2, the F40 and the Enzo's namesake, the Ferrari Enzo. There was also a Ferrari Monza SP1 awaiting customer delivery in the showroom, which Ferrari was happy to show us. Enough about cars, now back to the writing instruments.

There are three unique pieces at the moment. One is the Enzo Ferrari Special Edition instrument. It comes in this special Ferrari red known as "Rosso 70 Ani". The cone comes engraved with two dates one is Enzo's birthday, and the other is the date of Ferrari's first race track victory. The Mont Blanc emblem sits on top of the cover. It is made out of yellow resin and is surrounded by a metal grid that depicts a classic car's grill. Other unique touches to the pen are an engraving "Officina Meccanica Alfredo Ferrari" on the cap top with another engraving on the instrument's ruthenium-coated clip, which says, "You cannot describe passion, you can only live it." Enzo is known for his sayings. The pen is available in rollerball and ballpoint versions. A fountain pen version with an Au585 gold-rhodium nib is also available.

The second instrument is designed to celebrate Enzo Ferrari's birth year. The pen is known as the Enzo Ferrari Limited Edition 1898. The unique design elements on this pen are the barrel which is designed to resemble an original Ferrari 125 S engine. The two dates showcased on this instrument depict the first production car from the factory and the second one depicts the date of the first racing victory for Ferrari. The ring on top of the cap is also embossed with the address of the factory.

Last but not least comes the Enzo Ferrari Limited edition 98. It pays tribute to the Prancing Horse logo, which was given to the brand 98 years ago. It is also made in the famous "Rosso Corsa", the famous Ferrari red. Only 98 pieces of these collectable writing instruments will be created.

The unique bit of this instrument is the number 29, which can be found on the cap in reference to the year Scuderia Ferrari was founded. The engraving on the pen also states an Italian phrase that translates in English to "I am the one who dreamt to be Enzo Ferrari." It also features two dates that celebrate victories for Ferrari in F1. It also has design elements inspired by the bodywork of the 1952 Ferrari 500 F2.

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Comments (38)

  • Never call a pen a writing instrument again

      12 days ago
    • That's actually how they call them. Also the time keeper. Strangely they found more posh names for usual stuff. My Volvo is called a transportation instrument for them...

        12 days ago
    • Would an old Volvo be called a brick instrument?

        12 days ago
  • honestly they look nothing special

      13 days ago
  • Having seen the prices, I think I'll stick to my basic pen that I stole off my co-worker.

      12 days ago
  • It will not help my handwriting but I want one

      13 days ago
  • I’d love a fountain pen. Any of the great characters selection (Walt Disney one would be my pick tho)

      11 days ago