- Ferrari will unveil a FXXK Evo model at it's Finali Mondiali event in Italy

Ferrari To Unveil New FXXK Evo Model!

1y ago


This weekend, Ferrari are hosting a Prancing Horse themed event a Mugello Circuit, a race track in Tuscany, Italy.

Ferrari are showcasing their creations, including Scuderia Ferrari F1 cars

The free entry event will show off some of Ferrari's creations from the likes of the "XX" Programme, Challenge cars and Scuderia Ferrari F1 cars. On Sunday 29th October, Ferrari will also have a very special unveiling of the FXXK Evo. The new car will be an evolution of the FXXK, which was released at the 2014 Finali Mondiali in Abu Dhabi.

Ferrari have also already been showcasing some of their "Challenge" cars

Whilst details are scarce on this new model, we can expect it to improve on the FXXKs 1050BHP, produced by it's 6.3L V12. Full details of the programme can be found at www.finalimondiali.ferrari.com.

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