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Ferrari Goes Back To Its Roots With The New Monza SP1 & SP2

47w ago


By Nitish Deshpande

This news is fresh out of the oven. Ferrari has taken the wraps off its most bespoke modern creation. Until now, we have seen several one-off projects titled under 'SP' coming out of the factory which have been basically a highly customized versions of existing models. Now it seems Ferrari are not restricting the SP division to a single unit as the rumour suggests around 250 units of the Monza will be produced.

Codenamed as 'Iconica', the Monza SP1 and SP2 are believed to be based on the 812 Superfast with a V12 engine. The open seater design language with no proper wind screen and no roof pays homage to the Ferrari 250 Monza from the mid '50s. The images are not in the best form but it seems the two seater car can be converted to a single seater with the help of a panel. The seats are separated by a carbon fibre stalk in the middle just to make sure things don't get too cozy. This carbon fibre piece should also be responsible for providing the necessary rigidity. The SP1 Monza is being presented in a shade of silver colour with a historic racing livery in yellow.

On the other hand, the Monza SP2 has been presented in a subtle yet bold spec of all black exterior with bright red interior. The SP2 has a slightly different design as compared to the SP1. The presence of dual buttresses behind the seats is a distinguishing element from the SP1.

The models are also displaying several new components such as the newly designed wing mirrors, new five spoke wheels and the dual-split headlights. The curved tail light bar design runs around the entire width of the car thus giving it a very unique appeal.

This begs the question; Is the coolest modern Ferrari yet?

Images via: @only.ferrarimonza