F​errari will go fully electric by 2025

B​ye bye V12

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T​here are few automotive brands more iconic than Ferrari. The prancing horse has long been a symbol in the supercar community, with brands such as Lamborghini launching only because Enzo Ferrari was rude to Ferruccio Lamborghini.

F​or as long as we can remember Ferrari have been producing gas-guzzling V8 and V12 monsters capable of ungodly noise and performance. Well unfortunately, it seems like one of those things may soon be coming to an end.

S​F90 Stradale

S​F90 Stradale

F​errrari's latest car the SF90 straddle will launch with a V8 hybrid powertrain packing 986 horsepower. Crucially, however, you will be able to disable the mighty V8 and drive it in all-electric mode. Now this is a big deal, because back in 2013 when Ferrari released the hybrid LaFerrari they were very keen on customers being unable to drive the car in full-electric mode. They simply said, "we are not interested in electric cars."

However, recently in an interview with Reuters at Ferrari's Maranello factory, CEO Louis Camilleri revealed that an all-electric model is in the works. This is a major departure from the brand ethos of Ferrari.

"My sense is the electric will come out after 2025. The battery technology is not where it should be yet,"

C​EO Louis Camilleri

N​ow, as many of you are surely yelling "sacrilege!" allow me to elaborate. Ferrari are one of the last remaining brands without plans to build an all-electric supercar. With many such as Rimac, Lamborghini, Lotus, and even McLaren working on such vehicles, this announcement serves to show people that Ferrari will not lag behind the competition.

W​e must also remember that Ferrari are now a publicly traded company, whose CEO has a responsibility to do everything within his power to ensure longevity to the company's shareholders.

S​econdly, what most people seem to be overlooking is that this is just one model. Ferrari have no plans to abolish their screaming engines just yet. Furthermore, an electric Ferrari has great sales potential, something which can fund Ferrari's other vehicles.


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Comments (43)

  • The headline "...fully electric by 2025." is very clearly not the case. The possibility of an EV in their lineup was the point being made during the interview.

      1 year ago
    • Well said. The CEO said a fully electric vehicle will come at 2025 at the earliest, not going fully electric by 2025...

        1 year ago
  • SF90 straddle? More low grade “journalism”

      1 year ago
    • 1 year ago
  • Ferrari have never stated this, utter rubbish from a pathetic journo, completely made up

      1 year ago
  • Click bait title...should read “Ferrari might build an EV in 2025...no sooner”

      1 year ago