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Finally a event coverage that I can write about and boy was this one hell of an event, if any of you guys read my other articles, this won't be focused on just one car but you'll be able to tell my bias.

I was incredibly fortunate to be able to ride shotgun in a 488GTB, Ferrari's new V8 mid engine Huracan competitor. The FF in front of us belongs to the owner of the 488 too and was driven by his son on that day. It's funny how the owner kept taking pictures of his own FF. "I never get to see my own car on the road" he said, with eyes staring into that Rosso Maranello paint like he was looking at his own wife. The meeting point for the ridiculous convoy was the F1 pit at the Singapore Flyer and we were greeted by this..

Yes ladies and gents, that IS a F430 with a ridiculous widebody-kit, and no it is not Liberty Walk, but it was inspired by the kit for the 458.

Obviously I dumped the 488 in the long queue and went sprinting to the front to get some shots entering the F1 pits. I can already hear people typing "sacrilege!" "how dare he!" "ruined!". Come on guys, you gotta give props to the guy who had the balls to chop up the fenders of a Ferrari. Maybe the ducts on the hood is a little too extreme but hey, it you want to modify an F430, why not go all out.

@blackfoxphotography on the left trying to photobomb me, go give him a follow on instagram if you haven't already.

@blackfoxphotography on the left trying to photobomb me, go give him a follow on instagram if you haven't already.

After 20 minutes of Ferrari traffic (first world problems ugh) we entered the pit lane and oh my lord was the turn out ridiculous. The picture above only shows the number of 458s there, that was pretty much a third of the full strength! There was just about every fezza there!

From 512s to 360 Challenge Stradales, it was Ferrari upon Ferrari all the way down the main straight of the grand prix circuit.

There was also this F12 TdF there in the beautiful (and expensive) Giallo Tristrato paint which is a triple layer yellow that glitters under sunlight.

Ferrari also brought their own latest V12s, one of which is the F12’s replacement, the 812 Superfast, which was unveiled in Geneva earlier this year. To be honest, the looks hasn’t grown on me... The front does look better in person but the side profile just looks too much like a Viper/Corvette. Sorry if I offended anyone but this car is just not doing it for me (yet). But I have to say, this thing sounds absolutely f**cking insane, it's actually louder than it's older, hardcore brother the F12 TdF.

and with 70 years of ferrari comes another flagship hypercar, for this decade it's the LaFerrari Aperta. well what can I say, it's a LaF with a chainsaw job and slightly odd-looking doors. Moving on!

After the drivers' briefing under some shade, all drivers went back to their cars and started their prancing horses. V8s and V12s burst into life, and those with aftermarket exhausts weren't afraid to show them with some blips. The convoy was separated into 16 groups of 10 cars, why? BECAUSE 157 CARS IN ONE BIG CONVOY WOULD BE A TRAINWRECK AND A HALF. LOL. Ahem... Pardon the sudden outburst, so to prevent the whole of Singapore's traffic hating on us, the pack was split into 16 groups, each group with a theme.(It didn’t stop them from hating us btw). I was in the 488 group so you'll be seeing a lot of 488s in the next few shots. Jason, who was driving the FF, will be in the V12 group, so he had F12s and 599s in his group.

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The cars started to leave the pits, with screaming V12s and bellowing V8s echoing around Marina Bay Sands, there were confused tourists and many spotters on the side of the roads taking pictures (most of them were after the TdF). It was one of those pinch-yourself kinda moments. I kept thinking how did I ended up in this convoy, “I'm part of the events, I'm in a Ferrari participating in their 70th anniversary drive".

After feeling like a celebrity in Marina Bay Sands, we headed towards Changi Airport where we'll be doing a loop around Terminal 3 and head back west

We soon caught up with group 13 which was the V12 group and right at the front was a Rosso Maranello FF HOONING around the street with revs and minor accelerations. Jason was always known for his 'spirited driving’

Group 13, 14 and 15 somehow managed to form one giant convoy after a while like some kind of megazord from power rangers and in front of us was the famous Orchard road, and obviously Jason went ham on the throttle and revved quite a bit. Again there were tourists and people taking videos and pictures of the scene, and then there was me waving my Ferrari flag like a patriotic citizen.

After causing a scene at Orchard road, we proceeded with a tour around the city area and headed back to the pits to return the walkie talkies. We got out of the car in pain and discomfort, yeah the 488 rode good but the sitting position was not the best, the wheel well was right beside your ankles so we had to sit at an angle and that got really uncomfortable after 30 minutes into the drive, it's worse if you have long legs. It was funny how the optional race seats are more comfortable than the standard ones and the 488 we were in wasn't spec-ed with the race seats

The parade concluded at JW Mariott hotel. Appropriately Italian, we arrived fashionably late, in fact we were the last one into the carpark. Knowing there were food upstairs in the driver's lounge, we quickly went up for the refreshments. Just going on a tangent here, the pasta bolognese they served was amazing! The pasta soaked up all the flavours of the sauce and was cooked just right, al dente as they call it.

3 plates of pasta later (fat life chose me), I decided to go do some sight seeing and of course, I had to take a closer look at the widebody ‘Scud'. All I can tell you guys right now is stay tuned, article on this one-off is coming soon and this car isn't just all show and no go.

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And then Jason left, with pizzazz of course.

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My mates and I decided to wait for the Aperta to leave, and my god was it worth it. The driver went ham revving the LaFerrari Aperta and 812 Superfast before loading them up onto flatbeds. What a way it was to end an amazing day.

Cheers to another 70 years, and big thanks to Jason (follow him on instagram @jlow_fotoworks) and his dad for taking me along for the drive, it will be a day I will never forget.

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