Ferrari's 1000th Race

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I​n their 70 years in the sport, which of these milestones have the Scuderia reached?

  • 1​00 One-Two finishes
  • 250 wins
  • 5​00 podiums

W​hich of these statements are true for both Ferrari's 100th win (1990) and 200th win (2007)?

  • T​hey were at the same circuit
  • T​hey were both One-Twos
  • B​oth podiums featured a McLaren driver

W​ho put his Ferrari at the front to take the team's 200th pole position?

  • Rubens Barrichello
  • K​imi Raikkonen
  • A​lain Prost

W​ith how many tire constructors have Ferrari won races?

  • 7​
  • 8​
  • 9​

W​hich driver has scored the most points for the Scuderia?

  • Michael Schumacher
  • K​imi Räikkönen
  • Sebastian Vettel

W​hat is the Scuderia's average starting position?

  • P​3
  • P​6
  • P​9

A​nd following on from the last question, what is the Prancing Horse's average finishing position?

  • P5
  • P​8
  • P​10

At what track did José Froilán González take Ferrari's first Gran Prix victory in 1951

  • Bremgarten Public Road Circuit
  • P​escara
  • S​ilverstone

T​rue or False? The top three drivers with the most third place finishes in F1 history are all either ex or current Ferrari Drivers.

  • T​rue
  • F​alse

W​here did the famous 'Prancing Horse' logo originate?

  • A​ WWII flying ace
  • E​nzo's favourite animal
  • A​ tire shop in Moderna

H​ow many times did Alberto Ascari stand on the top step of the podium in his two championship winning years?

  • 7​
  • 9​
  • 1​1

H​ow old was Juan Manuel Fangio when he won his 4th World title, driving for Ferrari?

  • 3​1
  • 3​8
  • 4​5

T​rue or False? F1's first British World Champion took his WC in a Ferrari.

  • T​rue
  • F​alse

H​ow many weeks after being read his last rights was it before Niki Lauda was back behind the wheel of his Ferrari 015?

  • 6​
  • 1​2
  • 1​8

W​hat unexpected career did Jody Scheckter take up after leaving F1?

  • P​riest
  • F​armer
  • T​ree Surgeon

W​hich of these Michael Schumacher facts are true?

  • H​e stood on the podium for over 50% of his races
  • H​e won more races at Montreal in Canada than any other track
  • T​here is a skyscraper dedicated to him in Dubai

H​ow did Ferrari get Fernando Alonso into Kimi Raikkonen's race seat ahead of the 2010 season?

  • T​hey threatened to make him do every press conference
  • T​hey gave him Michael Schumacher's 2002 Championship winning car
  • T​hey paid him 25 million dollars to leave

O​n the back of whose car did Jean Alesi celebrate after winning the 1995 Canadian Gran Prix for Ferrari?

  • Johnny Herbert
  • D​amon Hill
  • Michael Schumacher

What reportedly made Sebastian Vettel burst into tears again after the podium ceremony of his first Ferrari win?

  • B​eing given one of Michael's helmets
  • A​ congratulatory text from Michael Schumacher's family
  • S​eeing his team smile

B​efore Charles Leclerc's sensational win in 2019 for Ferrari, when was the last time a driver won at Monza by less than a second?

  • 1​996
  • 2​002
  • 2​008

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