- (Photo: Palm Beach Post)

Ferraris don’t float: Man drives Ferrari off a dock and into the ocean

42w ago


It seems a Florida man decided that all he wanted for Christmas was a submarine, or perhaps he was too filled with holiday cheer. Either way he learned an important lesson; Ferraris (or just about any car for that matter) don’t float.

According to the Palm Beach (Florida) Post the unnamed man drove a Ferrari off a dock and into the Lake Worth Inlet Wednesday morning. The car soon sank below the waves and the man was picked up by a passing boat and taken to shore.

Fire Rescue got the call just after 7 a.m.

“He drove off the dock and went a pretty good distance,” Fire-Rescue spokesman Sean Baker said.

A salvage team used lift bags to bring the car up from the murky depths (about 30 feet). It was brought back to shore early that afternoon.

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