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Ferrari's latest hybrid has an unusually glaring flaw

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Ferrari's latest thoroughbred is set to be one of the most mind boggling supercars released in 2020. Its performance is not something to be scoffed at. The baby LaFerrari has around 40 more horsepower than its big brother and can apparently drive in electric mode only which I guess is something you'd like to do if you owned a $200,000 hybrid supercar. However the packaging doesn't look to be all that perfect, as quite recent videos have popped up of the quite cleverly named SF90 Stradale testing round the Fiorano racetrack sounding a bit well...exhaustically-challenged.

As most of you already know, the Stradale's petrol engine is a twin turbo charged 769bhp V8 which was met with dismay to diehard prancing horses. To them I say, how many V12 hybrids do you want? A bit of variety isn't gonna kill anybody. Anyway the aforementioned turbos, whilst adding copious amounts of power does let down the engine with an awful exhaust note. Some have referred to it as a blocked vacuum cleaner and very dull for such a car. And that boggles my mind because there are many twin turbo engines out there which sound wonderful. Some are almost exactly the same.

I raise you, the Mclaren P1. Like the Stradale its a dual turbo'd hybrid V8 albeit producing less horsepower as it only has one electric motor compared to the Stradale's two; one for each front wheel. However when listened side by side, the Mclaren sounds much better; a symphony of petrol and electric, featuring turbo whistle. In this respect, the Italians could learn a thing or two from the British; if they can do it why not Ferrari? I understand that apart from the engines both cars are engineered way differently seeing the Ferrari is technically 4-wheel-drive as the motors power the front wheels whereas the Mclaren is purely rear wheel drive so it might take Ferrari quite a while to figure it out but when they do it could be the best supercar of 2020.

While i'm no engineer, I would like raise a suggestion in improving the Stradale by making it simpler. Why not get rid of the turbos? I could not for the life of me find out how much the turbochargers add on to the V8 but being generous, lets say they add a 100bhp. Remove a 100bhp and you still get a 886 horsepower Ferrari. Thats more than a Porsche 918 and its even lighter than a 918. Sure its lesser than the P1 and LaFerrari but I reckon it could make up the difference in the corners. At the end of the day, its a naturally aspirated V8 and who doesn't love one of those.

Thanks so much for reading. Do you have any suggestions on improving the SF90 Stradale? Why not put them in the comments section and pray someone from Ferrari might read this.

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