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FIA confirms Toro Rosso's name change to Alpha Tauri from F1 2020

Red Bull renames its sister team to its fashion brand.

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The name change of Toro Rosso to Alpha Tauri now stands confirmed by the FIA from the 2020 F1 season as per the provisional entry list.

From the mid-season onward, there were reports of a name change at Toro Rosso with parent company Red Bull wanting to rename it as 'Alpha Tauri', which is the fashion brand founded by the energy drinks company in 2016, based in Austria.

It was more or less confirmed to take place but the official confirmation was awaited until Saturday of Abu Dhabi GP when the FIA released the provisional entry list for the 2020 F1 season, which eventually made the name change official.

The team is listed as 'Scuderia Alpha Tauri Honda' in the provisional entry list, with the chassis name to be 'Alpha Tauri'. It remains to be seen if they carry on with the abbreviation of 'STR', with the current season's car being termed as 'STR14'.

They team name will not feature 'Red Bull' as well. Further details is likely to be revealed by the team going forward. Even the Pierre Gasly and Daniil Kvyat are confirmed to race in 2020, the entry list carries a 'TBC' beside the team name.

There is a 'TBC' for Williams as well with Nicholas Latifi not yet featuring on the entry list alongside George Russell. There is no other big change with Ferrari continuing with 'Mission Winnow' in their name and Haas not carrying 'Rich Energy' as known.

The full table can be found in the original story, here.

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