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FIA elaborates on driver's eye camera used in Formula E's Santiago ePrix

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The FIA has opened up about the driver's eye camera which made its debut in Formula E during Santiago ePrix.

After IndyCar introduced the visor camera, the FIA has got driver's eye camera, which they put it in use in Formula E during the last weekend's Santiago ePrix. It is fitted inside the driver's helmet and provides viewers with a unique insight.

The camera is 8 millimeteres in diameter and weighs just 2.5 grams. It made its debut after months of research between FIA, Formula E and the teams, so that becomes a finished product and can be used for live transmission on world feed.

The FIA homologated device is positioned on the protective padding inside the lining of the driver's helmet and sits exactly at the eye level of the driver. "I think it is cool how Driver’s Eye shows fans exactly what I am seeing during a race in real time.

"It gives the viewers insight into the tight and challenging city-centre circuits that we race on in Formula E and it demonstrates what drivers need to manage and control over the course of a race. I like tech like this, that brings fans even closer to the action.

"Driver’s Eye camera is a great way to show the work that goes on behind the wheel," summed up, Venturi Formula E racer, Felipe Massa. The Brazilian had the driver's camera along with Mercedes' Stoffel Vandoorne and Mahindra Racing's Jerome D'Ambrosio.

In fact, Formula E became the first FIA-sanctioned championship to have the driver's eye camera and it provides a perfect platform to trial and eventually make it available in other series in the future, including F1.

[Image courtesy: FIA] [Note: This story was also written by me on FormulaRapida.net]

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