FIA Introduces 12 New In-race Rules for 2018 Season

1y ago


5 second penalty -

For pressing any button on your steering wheel DURING race

5 second penalty -

For EVERY time you ask how far behind you Vettel is

5 second penalty -

For vocally alluding to contest a 5 second penalty

10 second pit lane drive-through penalty -

For not driving a Ferrari

40 lashes -

For mumbling something incoherent over the radio (please see Alonso)

10 Driving lessons from Pastor Maldonado -

For not mirror, signal, manoeuvring before changing lanes

Shoe-shining Jean Todt’s brogues until the end of time -

For having the temerity to drive a car other than a Ferrari

Placed in public stocks on village green closest to circuit crime committed on -

For giving/accepting lifts during/immediately after race

Compulsory drinking of Um Bongo from Ricciardo’s race shoe -

For questioning any Ferrari driver’s/team’s tactics before, during or after a race weekend

Placed in small room (with no means of escape) with Kimi & Valtteri for 1 hour -

For flouting Ferrari protocol (as yet undetermined, but expected to be typically Ferrari-ish according to sources)

To reside in Chase Carey’s ‘tache for 2 consecutive weeks -

For showing scant regard for the colour red

Life imprisonment with no chance of bail -

For ever so slightly exceeding track limits when you've otherwise driven one of the races of your career so far

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