Fiat 500 abarth // custom camo wrap

2y ago



Joe Addison

Amy contacted us a while back about undertaking a wrap on her fiat 500, she explained she wanted a camo design kind of in the style of Jon Olson's famous RS6 but with her own take on it. Through many emails we passed ideas and thoughts on colours and styles and eventually agreed on what was going to go down, later that week we booked Amy in.

Instead of the casual black, white and grey colour scheme most people go for with camo wraps Amy wanted to be different to make this little car stand out from the rest. With the original colour been red, we decided on 3M matte metallic copper, 3M matte black and 3M satin dark metallic grey.

We have to give Amy a lot of the credit as she hand drew the entire car design on paper for us to work from, we then scanned in the drawing into our software and made each piece of vinyl exactly how it was on paper to create a real life version of Amy's drawing.

Once all the vinyl pieces were precisely cut out our machine we then started positioning each piece onto the car so it matched the original drawing exactly. After applying the first 3 sections we knew this car was going to look amazing.

We fitted the final few pieces of the camo and wrapped all the small sections of the car, wing-mirrors, door handles and grill surrounds were finished in contrasting colours. It was now time to put her back together.

The finished product looked even better than how we imagined it and is still to this day one of our favourite projects we have had the pleasure of been involved with. But it didn't stop there as amy had even more plans to undertake.

When Amy came to collect the car she told us that the next modification was going to be a full custom wide arch kit finished in matte black. Can this little car get any better?

The wide arch kit was fitted and painted a few weeks later as well as a huge front splitter. Amy then started attending car shows around the UK gaining lots of attention.


Even though this Abarth looks finished, We think Amy will have more plans up her sleeve...