- The new 'Hey Google' Range by Fiat

Fiat announces a 'Hey Google' Special Series

The special series Fiat 500 will come equiped with the well known google voice assistant.

Fiat are celebrating 3.5 million unites of the 500 family sold since 2007 this year. To mark the event they will be releasing the new 'Hey Google' variant which comes with the intuitive voice assistant. It will be available across the 500 range costing slightly more than the original car. The new variant will also have exclusive features such as an optional 2 tone paint scheme and even a Google Nest Hub which is customised to match your car.

The range of "Hey Google" models offered by Fiat

The range of "Hey Google" models offered by Fiat

By simply asking the device "Hey google, ask my Fiat..." you can find out useful information such as the quantity of fuel left, where the car is parked or even the location of the nearest garage. The car has other smart features so you can monitor journeys which is a service likely to be especially useful for companies with large fleets of vehicles. The hybrid hatchback is priced at £16,005 which undercuts most other hybrid vehicles. The car represents their "latest step into the world of technology" and follows their last special series of which 50,000 units have been sold.

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  • Hey Google hows my driving.

    Google: Bad please concentrate on the road

      1 month ago
    • 😂😂😂

      Hey Google, play radio 1.

      Google: You don't need any more distractions or you will end up in a hedge.

        1 month ago
  • Hey Google

    "Is it true I am driving a Ford Ka, designed 20 years ago"

    Hey Google"

    "What does that make me"

    Hey Google

    "Does this car make me sexier and more eager"

      28 days ago
  • Why?

      1 month ago