Fiat celebrates birthday with new virtual museum

Fiat 500 production has also returned home to Turin in time for the manufacturers 63rd anniversary

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The story begins 63 years ago way back in 1957 when Fiat introduced the first ever 500 city car, the 'Cinquino'. It's safe to say the little urban bubble car was an instant classic and loved by Italians.

Fifty years later, with the launch of the second generation 500 the love for these little hatchbacks was reignited by the little cars affordability and style. Now, in 2020; as the world moves toward an electric future Fiat is ready once again with the third generation.

Introducing the Virtual Casa 500

To celebrate the 500's birthday a virtual museum has been created to recount the history of the little urban classic. You can visit this museum from the comfort of your own home through your smartphone, PC or tablet meaning you don't even have to move from the sofa to soak up decades of Fiat history..

The journey takes guests from the 1950s to the present day, telling the story of the 500’s past, present and future.

For now the museum will remain a virtual experience. However in 2021 the Pinacoteca Agnelli art museum will allow guests to visit and enjoy the experience in person.

Anyone to enter the virtual Casa 500 will have access to 11 themed areas all designed to take the user through a detailed past of the Italian icon past life. One theme in particular will introduce the all-new electric 500 through a 3D experience.

The brand new electric 500 'la Prima' cabrio

The brand new electric 500 'la Prima' cabrio

You can access the Virtual Casa 500 by visiting

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