Fiat employees are furious about Cristiano Ronaldo

5 days ago


Comments (42)
Comments (42)

Yes, you read that right.

Employees of an Italian Fiat Chrysler plant have gone on strike after the company's owners, who also control Juventus football club, signed Cristiano Ronaldo for €112m (£99.2m, $131m).

The USB union, which organised the strike, appeared to imply that if the money had not been spent on Ronaldo, it would have been spent on the thousands of factory workers.

It said that the Agnelli family, which runs both the plant and Juventus, should invest the money in their employees 'rather than enriching only one'.

It decried the move as 'unacceptable' and contended that the workers are making 'huge economic sacrifices' which should be repaid.

However, football finance expert Rob Wilson said Juventus would likely earn more than enough money to cover Ronaldo's transfer fee and wages, just from the publicity.

He said: 'The marketing leverage that Juventus will be able to create will be significant.

'Added to that the likelihood that he will strengthen the team, it seems plausible that they will be more successful domestically and qualify routinely for the Champions League.

'That means more sponsors, more TV money and more prize money.'

That money could, theoretically, be plugged back into the factory for the benefit of the workers. Though that seems unlikely, since that is not how business works.

It is worth emphasising that although Fiat Chrysler and Juventus are both controlled by the same family (via Exor, their holding company) they are entirely separate businesses in every way.

The strike has been called at the Melfi plant in southern Italy and will take place between 22:00 local time on Sunday and 18:00 on the following Tuesday.

The plant in question makes several cars in the Fiat line-up, including the 500X and the Punto.

The impact of the strike is likely to be very limited - the factory is one of seven Fiat Chrysler plants in Italy alone, and USB represents a very small proportion of its workers.

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Comments (42)
  • Oh goodness, ANOTHER strike in an Italian's almost as common as the French industrial strikes. One begins to wonder from time to time if ANY work EVER gets done in some of these places.

    8 hours ago
  • You can't really blame Ronaldo for this can you.

    3 days ago
    1 Bump
  • I can't remember where I read that Fiat plants abroad are multiple times more productive than the Italian plants, but when news like this comes out, it's not hard to believe. How lazy do you have to be to call a strike because of a transaction in a completely different branch of your corporation?

    3 days ago
    1 Bump
    • It's not even the same corporation at all, just shares a few of the same chief executives

      3 days ago
      2 Bumps
  • Nothing new here, it's just the usual stupidity and falsehood of labour unions.

    The Ronaldo deal will pay for itself on increased marketing revenues alone, even without considering the sports upside. And who knows, maybe he will work for the marketing of Fiat group car brands, directly benefiting these and therefore it's workers.

    4 days ago
    1 Bump
  • Football sucks

    4 days ago
    5 Bumps


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