Fiat Punto mk2 188 Sporting - Simply Clean style

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4y ago

Boys and girls today I present a beautiful realization based on the cleaned-style.
The car in question and a fiat punto mk2 sporting the 2003 Model 188 1.2 16v engine with a 6-speed, the changes are varied and quality, aesthetically original little left, these are the changes:


engine compartment slightly revised with direct intake in carbon and stainless steel, change control, red plug wires and candles in platinum tips, pan HKS oil vapors, completely handmade exhaust, trim pneumatic Airlift Digital, discs drilled Brembo, BBS wheels AUTHENTIC MODEL RM revised and edited with lips in radinox 2-inch front and 3 rear camber at the rear of -3.50 degrees.

The body was completely revised, have been smoothed and widened the sides, remove: handles, locks, sprayers, logos, recesses, the bumpers have been completely smoothed and edited to be connected to the bodywork, the bumpers are front and rear are Abarth MK2B hgt, sporting miniskirts they also jointed to the body, rear lights MK2B with particularity and the left and the English version without reversing so without the transparent triangle, sporting slicked spoiler, modified the original headlights, completely smooth with no roof antenna and sprayers, badlook front.


completely impellata upholstery with a diamond pattern double stitching, special armrest leather, painted plastics, accommodation x tablet Samsung Galaxy tab 8.9, instrumentation of modified board with blue / red lights, Pioneer source, rear trunk compartment, full leather with double bottom sub-woofer from 25 hertz.

In my opinion this' car an example Tuning with a capital T, a connubbio of elegance and aggression by an exceptional eye-catching, chrome alloy wheels further highlight arminiche lines of the body, the interior confirms the sobriety of the cleaned-style wanted by the owner, i hope it is the same for you ...
see you at the next review STAY TUNED!

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