Fiery Merryweather

45w ago


This lovely old 1909 Merryweather Fire Engine was Adelaide's First, and is now one of the worlds' oldest existing appliances.

As noted before, this was the very first Fire Engine owned by South Australia, over 100 years ago - 1909 to be precise.

It was capable of sustaining a speed of 70 km/h, quickly making horse-drawn appliances obsolete.

By 1937 the Merryweather was obsolete, replaced, and sold for scrap.

But World War II gave the old girl a second life, when it was brought back into service as protection against air raids (which never came to Adelaide).

In 1965 it was again scrapped and about to be cut up, when it was retrieved by Laurie Vinal, a local car enthusiast and subsequently restored to it's current glory.

The Merryweather is now one of the worlds oldest surviving fire engines.

How cool is that?