FILTHY RICH. Darizt’s ‘Royal Dirt’ Enfield Speedway Racer

6w ago


One of the best damn things to happen to the custom scene in years is the rise of the developing world. Countries in South America, Central America and Southeast Asia have been smashing builds out of the park. Builds driven by a level of craftsmanship and dedication that leave westerners in their wake. Nobody shows it better than Indonesia’s Darizt Design and their latest creation, a Royal Enfield 350 speedway replica dubbed ‘Royal Dirt’.

The bike itself is the result of the ‘Re-build 2017: Classic Challenge’, a design competition run by the good folk at Royal Enfield Indonesia. A whole bunch of local bike designers threw their hats into the ring, with Darizt’s speedway-inspired sketches making earning him a donor bike. Understandably. While chieftain of the small shop, Agus Darizt, has mountains of experience behind him this build would be different: He had only two months to complete the entire bike.


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