Final Attack for 2016

The last push

4y ago

As 2016 draws to a close, I took one last chance to push at Sepang. Hopefully to break the 2:45 mark. The 4th November track day with Traction Circle Singapore was a long 9-hour track day, starting from 9am - 6pm, giving me ample time to go out when traffic was low. I also brought the new Bridgestone RE71R out to the track this time round, instead of the usual Yokohama AD08R. Since the RE71R is a newer product and a direct competitor to the AD08R, it will be interesting to see how it performs against each other.

Given the fact that I have brought both the AD08R and the RE71R fresh on track before, I am able to give some relevant opinions regarding the two tyres. Both tyres were operating at ~32-34psi hot and my KW Clubsports were set at their factory settings, 9 rebound (from full), 6 bump (from full).

The RE71R does give me alot more feedback and the tyre responsiveness is higher than the AD08R. The turn in is sharp, crisp and almost immediate, very confidence inducing. Both tyres matches up on grip levels as the max lateral Gs I pulled off the datalogger on both tyres were at the 1.3~1.4 range.

However, the rubber on the RE71R does seem to be subjected to much more tyre grain than the AD08R. I did not observe such heavy graining of the tyres on the AD08R before. The figures below shows the graining on the tyres. I am not sure if I am overworking the tyres, or this is the nature of the RE71Rs.

Tyre Graining!

Tyre Graining!

Tyre woes aside, the best news of the day has to be that I managed to break the 2:45 mark! Coming in at 2:24.998, I would take that as Mission Completed. I lost quite a lot of time coming into turns 7/8 and following up onto turn 9 due to traffic but I am still very pleased with the results.

I will be taking a hiatus from track events until 2017 arrives. Well, then maybe I can aim for a 2:40 perhaps? Hope so!

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