Final edition R35 GTR coming 2022.

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Two of Nissan's oldest performance cars are currently on sale, the GTR and the 370z, while the Z will be updated with a newer version later this month, the GTR is not expected to switch to a newer generation anytime soon, not within the next 3 years at the earliest. In 2022 the r35 Godzilla is expected to make it's exist from the production line with a 710-horsepower bang when it is thought that Nissan will release the final edition of the r35 GTR. By 2022 the r35 GTR design will be 15 years old. The final edition is not expect to have alot of units available just a mere 20 cars. What drivetrain is teh final 20 r35 GTR's rumoured to have? A heavily upgraded version of the twin-turbo 3.8-liter V6 engine, further tuned by Nismo and equipped with turbochargers . The cost? In Japan it will see a price tag of around 40million yen, here 317,500 euro. What do you think about this final r35? If you had the money to buy one of the last 20 units would you buy one?

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