Final Fantasy XV: Finally, a final fantasy for car fiends

3y ago


- Welcome to Final Fantasy XV. An open-world RPG game from the legendary franchise! We went into the game having watched ZERO trailers (we don't like spoilers...).
- During the game you play Prince Noctis "Noct" Lucis Caelum. He is joined by his three guards and friends: Gladiolus "Gladio", Ignis and Pompto.
- You can take the wheel yourself anytime, but you must take the wheel at night (or don't drive, as Ignis won't).
- Ignis will drive you when you don't feel like piloting the Regalia. The makers of Final Fantasy XV noted they had studied Rolls-Royce during the design phase of the Regalia. Sit back and enjoy a chauffeur in true Regalia style!
- You can customize and upgrade the Regalia. It can be given new paint colors, designs and new wheels. Upgrades include MPG-improving wax, superchargers, flying and more.
- There's also unique audio for your pleasure... Enjoy tunes from previous Final Fantasy games.
- This is Cindy, daughter of Cid (yes, 'that' Cid...). She runs the garage at Hammerhead and will help keep the Regalia in tip-top shape.
- She also fuels and cleans the Regalia, much to many viewers pleasure.
- Here's my ride: I call it the Rollserati Regalia. NOTE: Rollserati is not its official title... its my official title for it.
- More pics of the Rollserati Regalia.
- There's so many cool vehicles lying around the world of Final Fantasy XV!!
- Enjoying some night driving in the Regalia.
- More cool cars and a truck selling Nissan Cup Noodles.
- Even more cool cars! Seriously, there are cool cars littered wherever you turn in this game. It's the best non-car game eye candy I've seen in a long time!
- So... Were we expecting grand things for the new Final Fantasy XV and those expectations were blown away when we learned of the vehicular aspect of this wonderful game! Check it out today for yourself!

While not our usual fare, we figured we'd throw in our say about the newest iteration of Final Fantasy game. A Final Fantasy for car people.

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