- Image Credits: McLaren Automotive

Final McLaren Senna Slot Auctioned For $2.67 Million!

1y ago


If you haven't heard it already, McLaren announced their latest hypercar last night. It was announced during their winter ball which took place last night in London. Apparently all the 500 slots for this hypercar have been spoken for except one!

Image Credits: McLaren Automotive

At the winter ball, Mclaren Automotive decided to auction off the final slot of the Senna and it did not disappoint. The hammer came down at $2.67 Million with a roaring applause from everyone present at the event.

It is being reported that all the proceeds from this sell will be going towards the Senna foundation which works towards providing education to children in Brazil.

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Comments (3)
  • I now understand this car. great job Mclaren. your back to the top of my list of best things ever.

    1 year ago
  • I’m glad a charity will benefit from this. Lord knows some good needs to come from this monstrosity.

    1 year ago
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