Finally a Bond 007 watch that doesn't cost a fortune

It's the new Swatch ²Q SKIN Irony

Throughout the years, we've seen James Bond with various Rolex models, a couple of Gruens, a Breitling, a Seiko and even a Casio but for all intents and purposes, when people say the words 'Bond' and 'Watch' in the same sentence, we always automatically think of Omega, a brand that's not necessarily famous for being cheap.

Finally, after a sequence of mildly expensive watches most fans couldn't afford, there's a new Bond 007 watch that most people can buy, it's the new Swatch ²Q SKIN Irony.

This watch was originally announced back in March because No Time To Die was supposed to hit the screen last May. When Covid came along and turned the world upside down and the movie was postponed, the watch had already been on sale for a while, sold out within days of course, so there's nothing they could do.

Now, with the movie scheduled for theatrical release in November, a YouTube video was uploaded on James Bond 007 verified channel to introduce an upgraded version of the same Swatch, as worn by Q (Ben Whishaw) in the film. Reference number SS07Z100.

Just like the previous Q model, the timepiece was designed by Swatch and No Time To Die costume designer Suttirat Anne Larlarb. The Swatch Q, part of the Skin Irony collection, comes in witha 42 mm case with a brown leather/tartan strap. The new model features blue hands and electronic detail (they were both red in the previous model) and is sold with an intriguing laptop-shaped case.

The new Swatch is reasonably priced at £186 and can be purchased from the Swatch website. It is currently unavailable probably because they want to somehow time the release with the movie. The previous edition was limited to 7007 units but there's no mention about availability for the new piece, so for now I guess we're free to assume there's no limit to production.

Hot or not, what do you think?

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Comments (20)

  • okey, "as worn by Q" - I can see that. Bond wearing a Swatch - that'd be going a bit too far in the weird direction :)

      9 months ago
  • £200 for a swatch ain’t affordable... but not getting this one... or maybe I will 🙄

      9 months ago
  • affordable Bond watch that's NOT an Omega..? @tribe

      9 months ago
  • Cool! Um I mean hot! 😄

      9 months ago
  • As usual very nice. Would love a piece of the action, but at that price.

    That is still not what I call affordable....!

      9 months ago