Finally A Torque Vs Horsepower Explanation We Can All Understand

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Randy Pobst has driven everything, that is not hyperbole that is an actual scientific fact. Ok, maybe not everything, but if there is any individual who has come close it is Pobst. This makes the Motor Trend presenter uniquely qualified to explain many things related to cars. This brings us neatly to Horsepower vs Torque. We know that power is the defining characteristic of any car. For example, a Bugatti Chiron is all about 1500 horsepower and a face melting top speed. On the other end of the spectrum the Mazda Miata has a relatively small amount of power but it is all about the driving sensation and how fast you are actually going is irrelevant.

Ask most "car guys" what the difference between torque and horsepower is and you are likely to get different answers from many of them. It is slightly difficult to explain without coming across like James May. Enter Mr. Pobst who recently sat down with vinwiki to give his fantastically simple explanation of the two units of measurement we all take for granted.


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