Finally, a YouTuber has bought a car that you'll be keen to watch

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Car YouTubers of late can often become a little formulaic when it comes to buying new cars. Firstly, a dramatic reveal must be had, followed by a 'what mods should I make?' video. Then comes generic exhaust, wrapping and rim-swapping videos before they decide to sell the car after four months of ownership.

This predictable series of videos would be fine if it included cars that we genuinely care about and are willing to invest our precious viewing time into, but instead they are often generic performance cars that lack any form of taste or evoque any feelings of automotive passion.

Thankfully, British YouTuber 'Seen Through Glass' has seriously broken the mould and decided to purchase somewhat of an appreciating future classic - a Rosso Corsa Ferrari 360 Modena. No dual-clutch gearbox, no 200-way adjustable suspension, just a six-speed manual shifter, a screaming naturally aspirated V8 and a set of leather racing buckets. Finally, a YouTube supercar project that we can actually care about and which should provide some genuinely interesting content.

He seems to intend to bring it as close to Challenge Stradale spec as possible and he'll need to be very careful with modifications to keep the masses happy, but all-in-all, I think Sam (the most watchable UK automotive YouTuber in my opinion) has gone and bloody nailed it.

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  • I did 20k miles in my 360 loved every one of them . My only regret was not getting a manual. Enjoy Chap .

    1 year ago
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  • I don't like the 360.

    1 year ago


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