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Finally, an electric crate motor for your car

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The idea of converting old cars to EVs has been around for quite a while, and a number of companies, such as EV-West, have been retrofitting old cars with used Tesla powertrains. However, this is easier said than done, dealing with salvaged EV drivetrains is difficult, with complex control and cooling systems. However, it finally looks like there may be an easier way, as Swindon Powertrain is planning on releasing an all-in-one compact EV crate motor next year.

Swindon Powertrain

C​rucially the motor is very compact, so compact that Swindon were able to fit one under the hood of an original Mini Cooper. Specifically, it measures 23.6 inches wide, 17.3 inches deep, and only 11.02 inches tall. Now, that's about the size of a large watermelon, a watermelon with 110 horsepower mind you.

E​lectric 1949 Mercury

N​ot to mention that it weighs only 154 pounds and that includes everything: motor, single-speed transmission, cooling system, and even a power inverter. That being said batteries are for obvious reasons not included. It does includes multiple mounting points and it’s designed to be flexible enough to be mounted on both the front and rear axles.

H​owever, batteries taken from wrecked Teslas and Nissan Leafs will most likely work just fine. These are plentiful and reasonably cheap from salvage yards and even websites such as eBay. As of yet pricing has not been announced, but the unit is expected to ship in the summer of 2020.

T​his presents a truly unique opportunity for classic car enthusiasts all over the world. You could probably get really creative with motor placement, and probably even an all wheel drive setup could be achieved by using two motors. A true, drop-in EV motor that just works has been desired for quite a while, and its great to see it finally happening.


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  • I'm just not sure this is the way forward tbh

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