"Finally. Change in cars for the better!"

Said by Aaron secret surname, in relation to the arrival of my new luxo-coupé!!!

It's evident by now, that the extent of my life is now completely restricted to drawing cars that nobody likes.

And I like this.

So after the success of the Typhon SUV that I unveiled yesterday evening, I decided that Casio is now out of liquidation and TAKING THE MARKET BY STORM!

And I like this.

Anyway so I realised that I should expand my range even more because some of you guys gave me compliments and this felt really nice and kind of rare not gonna lie. Also though becaue remember, I am a businessman doing business related things, so expanding my range will also enter Casio's offerings into broader and more variable international markets attracting customers with differing needs and demands. I am however not branching out into the market for poor people remember.

Because this is a premium brand, and premium does not mean common. Common means common.

And so I came to the conclusion that what we really need right now is something strong. Something with an incredible presence that is both striking and individual. I went for an all new and most innovative 'luxo-coupé'.

So, here's one I made earlier:

It's called-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-The Romira!

"What a beauty!!!" ~ Autocar 2021 (probably)

"What a beauty!!!" ~ Autocar 2021 (probably)

This incredible coupé design brings street presence like no other. Glamour and style packed into every crevice of this medium weight (yes, this one is over a tonne but manages to keep fairly admirable at 1.7 tonnes). This car offers comfort and feel for a high price, but ditches high tech for high customer satisfaction and even higher profit margins for yours truly.

Speaking of equipment, you get an 8 inch portrait touch screen angled towards the driver for better usability and a more personal driver-control feel. The interior is laden with economically processed soft leather and fine ash wood, implemented between a warm metal strip chosen at your consultation appointment. The seats are both versatile and very easily adjustable. And as per usual, our car has received a 5 star safety rating for front and rear passengers from NCAP, or would've done had we offered the Romira over for a test. Running on our Cognizant synthetic fuel, our I-6 and V6 hybrid options offer a generous feeling of joy no matter what the occasion, unless you're going to a funeral, because usually they're pretty vacant of any joy.

It doesn't make much noise no matter how you spec it, because noise means compensation and we don't compensate for anything. We deliver. But what noise is emitted is beautiful and defined. On the Top-Trim package, you'll feel drivability in all of its glory, and can even do 0-60 in 5.8 seconds, while topping out at 167mph.

Prices start at €47,500 and will at max reach €56,700. If you don't end up closer to the latter you aren't trying hard enough.

So what does Drivetribe think?

Well, because I care so much about what those dearest to me think, I asked some of my MANYYYYY friends about their views on this new luxo-coupé. Take Will, for example, who said "Never before have I seen such a beautiful, magnificent piece of design and engineering". And I think that this has never been more true. We at Casio strive for innovation, and unforgettable icons to be listed under our name deep into the future. Such kind and very, very honest words, from the heart.

Elliot too has comments on this amazing milestone in engineering and design: "The most innovative and unique design that I have seen come to the car scene in a long time". Very thought provoking terminology there from Elliot, who's support and admiration for our latest work at Casio is absolute.

We also reached out to Vincent Mincent on the matter, who said "I don't want to drive anything else!" This is very reflective of our step ahead of the game in terms of car production, we have re-imagined what the car as an entity can be, and it's just wonderful according to our no.1 fan Vincent here, who would rather our cars to even the likes of his own!

Now with my death imminent after those words, I guess I'll say goodbye, so let's see what the rest of you think.....of the Casio Romira.

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