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- This rather tidy S15 is the pride and joy of Jack Evans, he's been keen to represent from the get go, you'll be seeing more of this car shortly. Find him on instagram; @theyellowspecr
- The above is the cleanest R32 GTR I have ever had the please of seeing in the flesh. Owned, built, restored, painted, and tuned by Dean Easto, it's really not a car to be missed, everything pops on this car. I want it.
- Duncan Cooper's R33 GTR V-spec often turns heads, especially when he came along and parked up at a local VAG meet to collect his BlackMarket decals from me. This is one serious RB26 screaming machine. Instagram; @Dunks_gtr
- I'm not sure I could tell you much more than what your eyes have told your brain already when it comes to Alex Barnacle's R33 drift machine. It's defiantly a one off and I think it's wicked. Instagram; @imsofreakingossum
- You may have seen this car on facebook. After being shared by LadBible and CarThrottle this R35 went viral. Brian Folly's GTR has received the full KnightRacer treatment, but for some reason makes more flames than any of the others with the same tune
- Peter Chinn's Dark R32 GTST looks menacing with its aggressive vented bonnet, this is its soft side, and the Banner looks perfectly in place even with the colour contrast. Instagram; @pete_r32
- Jordan Wade/ Michelle Dime's Stagea RSfourS is a monster in disguise. It's meaty cosmis wheels take the sleeper edge off the Stagea, but I think It's leaps and bounds better than keeping it a secret that these estate's can be weaponized.
- This isn't just any old Mx-5 (miata). This is Hayden Turveys Boosted skid monster. It's stupidly fast and lower than a hotwheels toy. This was the first car other than my own to wear the BlackMarket Banner. Instagram; @Haydenturvey To be continued...

Finally D_TRB has launched!

Now the true fruits of this platform will be uncovered.

For now however, until after the live stream on Facebook and Twitter, I'll be sharing with you a handful of cars/ People that have supported me and this Tribe even before by wearing our logo with pride, and looking awesome doing so.

These pictures aren't anything special in any particular way, they're not from any snazzy magazine or photographers, but from the social media posts from the car owners

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