Finally got my Land Rover back up and running again

Fresh transmission courtesy of vanquish racing products and some steel gears ⚙️
Chassis refresh with new links all around and aluminium bits for the suspension. Still a few pieces left to go.
Dropped the motor control and battery tray down lower and upgraded to class 10.9 hex screws throughout.
BF Goodrich Krawlers from my Yeti are doing great 👍 Still deciding on which rims and tires to go with on this truck, it has a tendency to rip tires and axles to shreds.

The little ford in the background got a fresh set of aluminum bead locks and some all terrain tires for a bit more slide in the corners. That damn thing lasts longer on old school stick batteries and a $10 silver can motor then the new stuff does with Lipo batteries
We’ve been racing on baseball diamonds and it’s absolutely perfect for beginners and super fast.

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