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We look at Holden's Colorado and Trailblazer, and their braking system options

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Since its inception, the Holden Colorado has served as the workhorse in the brand's model line-up within Australia’s ever-populated ute market, more than holding its own against worthy competition like the Ford Ranger and Toyota HiLux. The RG Holden Colorado, launched in 2012, shares its rugged ladder-frame chassis, body and interior architecture with the Isuzu D-Max of the same generation, having been developed side-by-side as a joint venture between General Motors and Isuzu.

Despite sharing the same basic architecture, both manufacturers went separate ways with their styling and drivetrains, with GM opting for styling cues inspired by their full-size US pick-up trucks. Upon its initial launch the RG Colorado felt harsh and unrefined, however throughout its lifespan it received running changes, focusing on reducing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) with each change.

The RG Holden Colorado was first revealed to the public at the 2011 Australian International Motor Show, hitting showroom floors in mid-2012 on both Australian and New Zealand shores. Only one engine was offered in the form of a 2.8L turbo diesel lump, pushing out 132kW and 440Nm upon launch, with power output jumping up to 147kW in its 2014 update. Locally, we received four different trim levels upon initial release, starting from the single-cab DX to the chassis-only LX, and the LT and LTX, both of which were offered in single-cab, space-cab, and crew-cab. Depending on trim level, the RG Colorado could be optioned with dual-range 4WD or 2WD, with a choice between an automatic or manual transmission available across all models.

The Holden Colorado wears a five-star ANCAP rating right across the range, with the score awarded in 2016. The list of safety features consists of seven airbags, rear sensors, a reversing camera and Hill Descent Control, along with the usual site of traction and braking aids.

When it comes to practicality, that’s Ute’s purpose first and foremost and the Holden Colorado more than ticks that box with the rear tray being rated to carry 1000kg, with that figure climbing to 1487kg in the LS auto 4X2. In the towing department, the Colorado has no trouble with a braked capacity of 3500kg, thanks to that 2.8-litre turbo-diesel powerplant

In 2017, the RG Holden Colorado received a fairly substantial facelift, with the updates proving to be more than just skin-deep. Rather than relying on what arrived from the GM plant in Thailand, Holden engineers covered 100,000km on Australian roads to fine-tune the suspension and drivetrain to suit our road conditions and consumer tastes. Most obvious are the changed the front end, with the Colorado receiving an all-new bumper, new bonnet and new American-inspired front grille. No changes to the other panels, with the tried and tested basic ladder chassis remaining.

As part of the update, the RG Colorado received an all-new electric power steering setup, offering sharper and more consistently weighted steering feel. The rear leaf spring setup and dampers were also revised to bring added compliance, a godsend when it comes to Australian road conditions.

However, the most substantial update to the Colorado came in the changes made to the drivetrain. A centrifugal pendulum absorber torque converter was implemented, adding smarter shifts and refinement all-round. The biggest difference is the transmission's ability to access low-rev torque more efficiently. Even at 1500rpm the torque converter will lock up, providing a direct link between the 500Nm under your right hoof and the twisting force at the wheels. As well as dishing up a more relaxed cruising experience, it exaggerates the hearty thrust on offer, allowing for a much better drive all-round.

For those looking for something a bit more family friendly, Holden also offers the Trailblazer. Based on the Colorado, the Trailblazer uses the same running gear and interior of the Colorado whilst swapping out the leaf springs for coils and squeezing in seven seats and a wagon rear where the tub used to be. Its commercial-based origins give it a leg up against car-based SUVs when it comes to toughness and off-road ability.

The five-link coil sprung rear suspension combined with the Colorado’s front independent suspension proves itself to be a well-sorted set-up. It rides pretty well and absorbs big bumps without too much complaint, however there is still a reminiscent jiggle that reminds you of its ute-based lineage.

It’s no secret that Australian’s love their Utes, and with the market flooded with countless options, Holden more than holds its own with the capable Colorado. Having received a lukewarm reception upon its release, the updates that it's received over the years have turned it into a more than worthy contender in the Ute game. For those with adventure-seeking families, the Trailblazer offers an excellent compromise between the kind of rugged off-road ability you would expect from its more commercial counterpart, and the space and comfort you would need to haul around the family.

Braking Systems for the RG Holden Colorado & Holden Trailblazer

Bendix offers a range of brake pad material with Heavy Duty and 4WD pads being the best choice for the Colorado and the Trailblazer. In addition, Bendix also offers the Ultimate Brake Disc Rotor and the Ultimate 4WD Upgrade Kit.

The Bendix Ultimate 4WD Brake Upgrade Kit provides a real solution for 4WD and work ute’s stopping needs. This kit includes Ultimate Front rotors, Front pads and Front and Rear braided brake hoses which can also be purchased in 2-inch lift extended brake line version. It also contains Bendix brake fluid, brake cleaner, rotor wipes and a tube of brake lubricant all in this handy 4WD carry case.

Bendix 4WD/SUV brake pads are manufactured for extreme strength and structural integrity utilising the best available technology. Bendix 4WD/SUV brake pads are built to withstand heat build-up that comes from frequent braking in heavy city traffic one day and towing or outback driving the next. All 4WD/SUV front pads are grooved, which significantly improves performance especially when trekking off road. The groove is used to help expel any water, dust or dirt that comes into contact with the pad which becomes more prevalent when travelling off the beaten track.

To complement our brake pads, Bendix has a matched Ultimate Brake Disc Rotor which features High Carbon Metallurgy, Diamond Tip Slots and a Swiftfit Coating.

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