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We look at the Nissan Navara and its braking system options

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2014 saw the release of the third generation D23 Nissan Navara. Having been the workhorse of Nissan’s model line-up for over 30 years, the Navara has earned a reputation and a cult following for its no-nonsense attitude and go-anywhere capability. The introduction of the D23 Navara offered a much-needed improvement in overall style, comfort, and tech without compromising on any of that rugged nature that turned the Navara into a house-hold name in the first place.

Upon release, the D23 Navara was offered with two power-plant options. One can opt for one of two 2.3 litre turbo-diesel inline four engines, either the single-turbo offering generating 118kW and 403Nm, or the star of the show, the twin-turbo mill pumping out a healthy 140kW and 450Nm. The sequential turbo operation ensures minimal lag, with the smaller turbo coming into boost quickly and then the larger turbo taking over seamlessly. Peak torque is achieved early in the rev range at 1500rpm, and with that there’s very little noticeable turbo lag from a standstill, with power delivery being smooth and linear, albeit accompanied by notable diesel clatter under hard acceleration.

The D23 Navara is offered as either a 4x4 or a 4x2, and in seven-speed automatic guise, with an ADR fuel claim of 7.0 litres/100 kilometres, or a more frugal six-speed manual at a class-leading 6.5L/100km. First found in the D23 Navara, the seven-speed automatic transmission a decent and smooth-shifting gearbox, performing extremely well under both light and heavy acceleration. The new box allows for the engine’s torque to pull it up hills rather than dropping down a gear, and at highway speeds the extra overdrive gears (both sixth and seventh) make for comfortable cruising.

First offered in the D23 Navara, the multilink rear suspension layout did away with the archaeic leaf spring setup that had been implemented in the rear end of previous generations. The front suspension was carried over from the outgoing D40 Navara, albeit with softer settings for both the springs and dampers. This allows for more car-like road manners, with a more settled ride, particularly at the rear. Off-road, the suspension is well-sorted, as you would expect from a Navara. Sharp-edged rocks and soft-to-hard surface changes can be dealt with, with relative ease, and the suspension resets quickly without too much rebound.

Moving to the outside, the styling brings the D23 in line with its competitors with sleeker styling than its predecessor. Graced with a more attractive front-end with LED daytime running lights and not a single shared panel with the outgoing D40, it’s safe to say that Nissan designers have struck a solid balance between style and purpose. The Navara doesn’t look too soft, whilst still retaining its tough truck appearance.

Inside, the D23 Navara’s interior quality is a considerable step up from its predecessor, and in some aspects it is possibly the most impressive in the class. Its infotainment system is borrowed straight from the X-Trail, offering simple menu systems and Bluetooth phone and audio streaming. Dual-zone climate control is also a treat, with rear air-vents fitted to dual-cab models. The instrument cluster with its central digital readout adds further to the ute’s car-like feel. The front seats are new for the D23 and offer optimal comfort and support, with the version we drove offering electric seat adjustment for the driver.

The tray is on par with its contenders in the dual-cab segment as well. The top-spec Navara comes standard with a tub liner and adjustable tie down rail system, which is a must at this end of the working truck segment. The floor measurements come in at 1503mm long, 1560mm wide, with 1130mm between the wheel arches. The top-spec ST-X dual-cab 4x4 model weighs in at 1921 kilograms and is more than sufficient for towing with a capacity of 3500kg.

For those looking to strike a good balance between car-like comfort and refinement, and rugged working ute capability, the D23 Nissan Navara is excellent place to look.

Braking Systems for the D23 Nissan Navara

Bendix offers a range of brake pad material with Heavy Duty and 4WD pads being the best choice for the Navara. In addition, Bendix also offers the Ultimate Brake Disc Rotor and the Ultimate 4WD Upgrade Kit.

The Bendix Ultimate 4WD Brake Upgrade Kit provides a real solution for 4WD and work ute’s stopping needs. This kit includes Ultimate Front rotors, Front pads and Front and Rear braided brake hoses which can also be purchased in 2-inch lift extended brake line version. It also contains Bendix brake fluid, brake cleaner, rotor wipes and a tube of brake lubricant all in this handy 4WD carry case.

Bendix 4WD/SUV brake pads are manufactured for extreme strength and structural integrity utilising the best available technology. Bendix 4WD/SUV brake pads are built to withstand heat build-up that comes from frequent braking in heavy city traffic one day and towing or outback driving the next. All 4WD/SUV front pads are grooved, which significantly improves performance especially when trekking off road. The groove is used to help expel any water, dust or dirt that comes into contact with the pad which becomes more prevalent when travelling off the beaten track.

To complement our brake pads, Bendix has a matched Ultimate Brake Disc Rotor which features High Carbon Metallurgy, Diamond Tip Slots and a Swiftfit Coating.

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