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We look at the Amarok and its brake system options

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With the ute segment filled to the brim with options, German carmaker Volkswagen decided in 2010 that it would enter the market with the Amarok. The Amarok features a typical body-on-chassis design and comes in both single and dual cab layouts, as well as both four-wheel and two-wheel drive options. One of the appealing things about the Amarok is that it blends European design and comfort with the ruggedness that’s looked for in a ute, making it somewhat appealing to buyers who are after something a little more fancy yet just as capable as some of the offerings from Japan.

Depending on what market you’re in the Amarok comes with a variety of mostly diesel engines - only specific markets offer the petrol engine. The diesel engines available include various four-cylinder units, as well as a six-cylinder option. The V6 model has been praised as a true, workhorse engine by many media outlets across the country, offering loads of low-down torque, as well as returning great fuel economy, which all makes tasks such as towing and hauling heavy loads in the pallet-sized rear tub a breeze.

Stepping inside the Amarok’s trim reveals what most would call ‘stylish’, especially for a ute. If there’s one standout point to the Amarok’s interior it’s that it offers plenty of room for all passengers as well as great levels of storage. The front seats across the range are very comfortable, offering lots of support thanks to plenty of bolstering. Depending what model you go for you might even be treated to an electric seat.

Of all the ute offerings around, Volkswagen was one of the first to really offer a plush, suave model that maintained the toughness needed to be a winner in the segment. And ever since the introduction of the V6 model, sales numbers have soared to new heights — around 80 per cent of all Amaroks sold in Australia are fitted with the 165kW/550Nm 3.0-litre V6 turbo-diesel engine.

Payload for 4x4 models is just under one-tonne (976kg), with up to 3.5-tonne braked towing capacity on offer. This puts the Amarok right up there in terms of being competitive with its rivals, though the Amarok’s tray is super impressive because it can take a full pallet between the wheel tubs.

One important factor of the Amarok is the ‘4Motion’ permanent 4x4 system, where up to 60 per cent of the power is sent to the rear via a Torsen diff. This makes for a great all-weather vehicle that won’t behave like a typical rear-wheel drive ute in wet, muddy or damp weather conditions.

Not everything is peachy, though, with lots of its competitors offering more advanced safety tech for near the same or less money. There’s no autonomous emergency braking, no blind-spot monitor, no lane departure, and no active cruise control. The Amarok does feature a five-star ANCAP safety rating, though, it must be pointed out that this was achieved in 2011 when the vehicle was first launched.

With all that aside, the Amarok is a big player in the ute segment for good reason — it’s been built to drive well, be rugged enough that it’s up to any task, and offer a more luxurious and stylish option to those who want more than the typical ute offers. And given 4x4 utes are used for things such as towing, off roading, general work activities, and more, it’s important that the brakes are more than up to scratch. There’s no doubt Volkswagen has done a good job at building a strong braking system for the Amarok, but Bendix, the world’s leading brake manufacturer, has developed something much tougher and more durable. Upgrading the braking system is an easy way to ensure you have the very best aftermarket stopping power money can buy.

Braking Systems for the Volkswagen Amarok 2011+

Braking systems have been fairly consistent across the Volkswagen Amarok models with Bendix producing 4WD SUV, Euro+, and Heavy Duty brake pad compounds, as well as the all-new Bendix Ultimate disc rotor to suit the driving needs of particular individuals depending on use. There is also The Bendix Ultimate 4WD Brake Upgrade Kit with advanced brake pads and rotors, braided lines and a host of ancillary items is the ultimate brake upgrade.

The Ultimate 4WD Brake Upgrade Kit: U4WD-BUK14

Front brakes available: DB1915 HD

Rear brakes available: BS5059 Rear brake shoes

Ultimate brake disc rotor: BR2238

About available Bendix brake applications for Volkswagen Amarok 2011+

Bendix Heavy Duty pads are for working vehicles, towing and other heavy-duty applications. Lasts up to twice as long as all-purpose brake pads in hard working and high temperature conditions. Features a unique Blues Titanium Stripe for instant positive pedal feel and an exclusive insulation layer for cooler braking and longer life.

Behind every Bendix Ultimate disc brake rotor lies OE expertise, leading technology and precision engineering so you can put your foot down with confidence. Bendix Ultimate Rotors offer the very latest in braking technology and manufacturing processes and are the perfect complement to the extensive Bendix brake pad range.

The Bendix Ultimate 4WD Upgrade Kit includes specially compounded high performance CERAMIC material brake pads for increased stopping power in extreme conditions plus the latest Bendix Ultimate Rotors designed and developed specifically for Australia’s demanding conditions. It also includes braided lines and a host of ancillary items is the ultimate brake upgrade.

To find out more about the Heavy Duty brake Pads click HERE.

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To find out more about the Bendix Ultimate 4WD Brake Upgrade Kit click H

To find your nearest Bendix stockist, click HERE.

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