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4y ago

The site to look for used cars here in Sweden is called Blocket. It’s simply, easy to use and you can plug in which kind of cars you’re interested in and then get a notification when something is for sale. On my account I currently have Golf, Scirocco, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Mini, Piaggio, Datsun and Daihatsu under surveillance. But I also search for all the cars manufactured up to 1989, just for fun and to broaden my perspective. I visit the site a couple of times every hour. You have to be quick if you find something you like, otherwise someone else will grab it before you. The old ”you snooze, you loose”-thing is very true here. Hesitate once, and loose that totally rusted and busted Fiat 127 without engine that would look so good in a few thousand bucks you don’t have. Find of the day is a GMC High Top from 1988. Been sitting in a barn for ten years. No rust. Four captain chairs and a sofa. Perfect. Now I just need 4 000 Euro and somewhere to keep it. You'll find the ad here:

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