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Whatever the marque, engine size or top speed, you don’t have to be a car buff to know a supercar when you see one. Supercars are iconic; instantly recognisable.

A supercar is not run of the mill, it’s an event. It’s an opera and rock concert combined. It doesn’t just get you from A to B. It gets you there as quickly, dramatically and stylishly as possible.

The term “supercar” was first coined with the arrival of Lamborghini’s Miura, and ever since, supercars have remained atop the pinnacle of the automotive industry. They are untouchable on the road, unbeatable on the racetrack, beautiful inside and out.

All of which means that if you’re into cars, you’re going to want to get your hands on one—any way that you can. Fortunately, getting behind the steering wheel of a supercar is easier than it’s ever been.

Gaining Access To Supercars

If you have the means required for supercar ownership, purchasing your dream car can be a relatively straightforward process. Thanks to the internet, sourcing a brand new supercar from abroad, or a used car from the other side of the country, is easier than ever.

There are numerous methods of financing available and a multitude of cars to choose from. Choice is no longer limited to a handful of cars from a couple of Italian brands.

Major manufacturers such as Audi and Nissan are able to utilise their manufacturing might to turn out amazing supercars like the R8 and GTR. Luxury brands like Bentley and Aston Martin have turned GT cars into bona fide supercars. Whilst, smaller, boutique brands like Pagani and Koenigsegg offer smaller production-run vehicles with a higher degree of rarity. And of course there’s still the supercar ever presents, Ferrari and Lamborghini, who have expanded production numbers and now offer more models than ever.

If you want access to more than one supercar, well, that’s easy too thanks to rental companies like Supercar Hire.

With supercar rental companies, you’ll gain access to a whole fleet of performance vehicles, not just the sports car in your own garage.

20 years ago, if—like the majority of the population—you couldn’t afford to purchase a supercar, you stood no chance of driving one. A supercar was out of your reach. Now, they’re available to all.

Accessibility Of Supercars

As technology advances, so too do supercars. This means that all but the most track-focused modern supercar is a feasible option for a daily driver, offering performance and style like nothing else on the road.

The use of lightweight materials means there’s no longer a need to suffer low equipment levels for the sake of weight saving and performance. With digital displays, satellite navigation and heated seating, the modern supercar is as well appointed as any car from the luxury sector.

As well as offering a more comfortable cabin than their forebears, modern supercars are also far more comfortable to drive. With a range of adjustable driving modes, you get a car that is focused and thrilling on the racetrack, but relaxing and easy to drive on the roads.

With advanced engineering and high tech factories, there’s no reason for a supercar to be any less reliable than a typical family hatchback. So not only is a supercar accessible to more people, it’s accessible more often.

Owning vs. Hiring

The big debate. Do you buy or hire a supercar? There are benefits to both.

Buy a supercar and it’s all yours. You don’t have to share it with anybody else. Buy new, and you can personalise and customise the vehicle. You can use it whenever and however you want—insurance allowing of course! You can even spend hours in the garage just staring at it, if you so wish.

But after that, the benefits become a little thin on the ground. Buy a supercar, and you buy ‘a supercar’. Singular. Just one. So how do you know you’ve bought the right one?

A walk around the showroom and a brief test drive with the dealer isn’t enough time to ascertain if you’re buying the car of your dreams. If you’re making the significant investment that is owning a supercar, you need to make sure that you get the right kind of returns on that investment. You want the ultimate driving experience.

Hiring a super car is therefore often a good first step on the way to supercar ownership. Want to know how practical an Aston Martin Vanquish is for a weekend away? Hire it out for the whole weekend and find out. By the time you return the car you’ll know it inside out. If you want to take your supercar experience to the next level you can also look at joining a supercar club like AutoXotica.

Want to compare a McLaren 570S with a Porsche 911 GT3? Take them on the same route and compare how each handles it.

The other major benefit of hiring a supercar or being in a supercar club over owning a supercar, is maintenance. Rental companies and clubs take care of it all, you’ll turn up knowing that the vehicle has been maintained and is ready to go. You then disappear off, have your fun, and return the car without any further ties.

There’s no need to insure, tax, garage, service or clean it. All of that is the responsibility and cost of somebody else.

Supercar Hire

If you’ve decided to opt for supercar hire over supercar ownership, what other benefits can you expect? Track days for a start.

Of course, supercars are luxury vehicles that allow you to travel in the utmost style. But they’re also super fast too. Substance is as important as show, so if you want to drive a supercar to its limits, you’ll need instruction. Instruction that is included in a supercar driving experience.

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