F​ind your perfect British road trip car with... music

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Y​ouTube Playlist of the used songs will be found in the comment section ;)

Y​our roadtrip starts, what is the first song you're playing?

  • I​'d like to sit in complete silence to adjust every little setting in my car and need full concentration for it.
  • R​eal gone by Sheryl Crow
  • W​hat lies ahead by Kensington
  • F​eeling Good by Michael Buble

F​irst stop: the Autobahn on a sunday morning and IT'S QUIET AND YOU HAVE 3 LANES!!

  • I​'ll sit back, relax and play Why Worry by Dire Straits
  • I​'ll drive on the middle lane, put the cruise control on a nice 200 kph and play 2-4-6-8 Motorway by the Tom Robinson Band
  • I'll use my foot to play with the pedals, but keep it under 250 kph, while listening to Good Time by Owl City
  • I​ obviously floor it, stay on the left lane and flash lights to every motorist on my lane driving below 280 kph, blasting Breakthru by Queen

B​ad News! Some idiot caused an huge traffic jam with their lorrie! Expected delay: 1,5 hour

  • O​H NO! Anyway, let's relax and put lazing on a sunday afternoon by Queen on the stereo.
  • W​ell, that's annoying, luckily i have comfort but I am getting annoyed, let's listen to Take Your Time by Sam Hunt
  • P​ffff, I'll just listen to Don't Give Up by Peter Gabriel
  • N​OOOOOOOO, f***** ***** ***** **** **** **** MOOOVEEEEE!! * Elton John's I'm still standing starts playing

F​inally the jam cleared out and you take the first Ausfahrt you see. And you end up in this.

  • W​ow, that's prettyy! I will enjoy this while listening to Circle of Life by Elton John
  • O​oh nice, I'll play Come Alive by the Greatest Showman cast and enjoy the ride.
  • N​yoom, let's play We are Young by fun. and Janelle Monáe
  • L​et's floor it while listening to a hardrock version of Let It Go by Floor Jansen

L​unchtime! What song are you playing?

  • R​elax, take it easy by MIKA
  • B​reakfast in America by Supertramp
  • B​reakfast at Tiffany's by Deep Blue Something
  • H​ungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran

T​he road you're driving on is suddenly interrupted by 7km long road works. What song are you playing?

  • O​ne Day Like This by Elbow
  • T​orn by Natalie Imbruglia
  • T​hrough the Barricades by Spandau Ballet
  • K​ing of Pain by the Police

Y​ou passed the roadworks but you see that there will be more so you take the motorway, what song is on your radio?

  • A​ Thousand MIles by Vanessa Carlton
  • S​tarlight by Muse
  • Jump by Van Halen
  • S​ummer wind by Michael Buble

Y​ou have arrived on the Stelvio! What song is playing?

  • R​adar Love by Golden Earring
  • R​age Hard by Frankie Goes To Hollywood
  • A​merican Pie by Don McLean
  • I​'d do anything for love (But I won't do that) by Meat Loaf

You have arrived at your place for the night, but it's in a big city. What song descibes your feeling the best?

  • T​he boys are back in town by Thin Lizzy
  • C​ity of blinding lights by U2
  • P​aradise City by Guns N' Roses
  • H​ometown by Sheppard

I​t's moring, you just had breakfast and you're leaving again. What's the song to start the day?

  • S​leeping Satellite by Tasmin Archer
  • T​he Road Goes On by Toto
  • O​n the Roads Again by Willie Nelson
  • S​tay on These Roads by A-ha

Y​our route seems to pass the Nurnburging so you decide to take a go on the Nordschleife. Should I really ask the question again?

  • N​ice 'n Easy by Michael Buble
  • F​irework by Katy Perry
  • Live is life by Opus
  • T​he Show Must Go on by Queen

Y​our road trip has come to an end, sadly. What's the last song you're playing

  • H​ome by Dotan
  • ​Coming Home by Sheppard
  • Home of the Brave by Toto
  • H​ome again by Kensington

T​his post was sponsored by the neighbour's-are-pissed-because-of-the-noise-song Life Is a Highway

  • W​TF is that, I don't have any taste

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