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The first thing to say is, unfortunately it is not okay to simply take a picture from another website/Google without having permission, and doing so can result in your content being removed from DriveTribe and a bill from a copyright holder.

Adding a credit like ‘Image: TopGear.com’ does not in any way cover you for using that photo. In fact, it simply means the owner of the picture knows you have taken it from their site.

Keep in mind that someone has paid for this image to be created and used, and they will (quite rightly) not look kindly on someone else taking it without paying. So: please do not take images from other sites/Google (with some exceptions – I’ll explain below).

Obviously the best option, as a content creator, is to take your own photos. However, it's understandable that not everyone has access to a Lamborghini Urus to photoshoot, and the good news is there are plenty of sources for nice pics that are good to use and won't get anyone in trouble.

1) Other creators

All it takes is a Direct Message. Send them a preview of your post, explain to them why you need an image they've created, and ask politely to use their image. If they say no, don't despair. There are many other Creators who would love to have you promote their work.

2) Manufacturer sites

If you are looking for pics of a car, chances are the manufacturer website will have plenty that are free to use for editorial purposes (which is what you will be using them for). This will include current models, but many manufacturers also keep a photo library of some of their heritage models.

Simply search for the media/press section of the car maker you're looking for. You might have to sign up or register, which is fine (if it requires a job title, say 'blogger' or 'content creator'). Then you can download whatever you like.

You don't need to credit anyone in the caption when you use these.

3) Newspress

Newspress is a great resource and has tons and tons of images for virtually every car, and a handy search function. It is definitely worth registering for this site and/or its US twin. Anything you find here can be used in posts for free. The editorial staff at DriveTribe use it regularly.

You don't need to credit anyone in the caption when you use these.


4) Free image resources like Unsplash

For stock images, sites like Unsplash.com are really handy. Just search for what you need, and then give them a credit in the caption.

It's great for standard, but beautiful images of cars/people driving, pretty roads, etc


5) Rights Free Google images

Similarly, you can search Google Images, then go to 'Tools', click on 'Usage rights' and select 'Labelled for re-use'. Anything you find here can be used for free as well.

6) Embedding Tweets/YouTube

This can be a great source of pics and video – if you can't find an image/video you can safely use, but a brand or an individual has tweeted images/video or uploaded a video to YouTube, you can safely embed the tweet/video in your story.



You might not always be able to find exactly what you want on the free side of nice images, in which case, try to think creatively and use something else.

Sometimes, for things like spy shots of new models or other exclusive images that a magazine or website has bought, we simply cannot do those stories if it involves taking those images without permission. Frustrating, but that's the way it is.

If you've got any questions - comment below, or DM Rob Burnett or Tim Rodie.

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