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When you are obsessed with driving and enjoying the beautiful weather on country side roads, you may always search for the best routes to go. Not seldom you will find yourself looking up forums, blog posts, or other sources for interesting roads. You may dream about a trip to the serpentines of the alps, a beautiful road down the coast, or a trip through the Scottish highlands. But don't you forget sometimes the roads just around the corner?

Sometimes the nice and appealing roads are just a few minutes away. Mostly I find them when I am just randomly driving a different route to a certain destination than usually or if I want to go somewhere new and go without navigation. That is for me always the best way to find interesting routes and roads on the countryside. And often enough it leads to really nice curvy, small and interesting drives, which I will repeat with my sports car later on. This makes me enjoy the countryside and the feeling to just drive for pure pleasure.

Breakthrough in the early morning

This feeling of driving fully aware of the road, the weather and the car is just not exchangable with anything else. You are way more aware of your surrounding. It doesn't always need the spectacular mountain roads or the thrilling rides along the coast. Sometimes it just fills you with joy to ride on a small curvy road in your area, enjoy the beautiful weather an really take in every moment passing by.

​Since I've been driving, I could enjoy a lot of small roads or just parts of a certain route in different ways like this. Always searching for the interesting small ways, going not the direct route and don't be afraid to spend time to just go around in your area. In the end it pays off and shows the beautiful and unique landscape and you get to enjoy awesome rides.

Said that, I think every landscape offers us opportunity to enjoy our passion for driving. We just have to be aware of the environment and keep driving, that allows us to find interesting routes, places and spots without even travelling hundreds of kilometers.

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  • Nice article! That's somewhere in Germany, I can tell! 😉

    4 months ago
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  • you can set in google maps, some cool destination, then press avoid highways/Autobahn, and there you go. that way i learned mostly all of the hidden gem roads in my area.

    4 months ago
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