Findings from a report prove that Tesla's Autopilot is easily tricked

Elon Musk will not be pleased

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By now Tesla's Autopilot is getting a bad reputation and it isn't hard to see why. Crashes thanks to Autopilot failures continue to crop up left, right and centre but the most recent one has to be the most scary yet because Autopilot managed to work without a human being in the drivers seat. If you want to know more about the crash then click here.

Do it yourself!

Do it yourself!

Normally it happens when neither the driver or car are on top of its game but according to Tesla at least the driver should be there to act and if they aren't then the car will pull over and turn on the hazards. Consumer Reports decided to put this claim to the test and the news is grim

A Tesla can easily be tricked into believing a driver is in the seat when in fact they aren't. If you scroll down on the Consumer Reports article attached then you will see how dumb Autopilot really is. All you need is something that puts pressure on the sensors inside the steering wheel and the driver's seatbelt fastened then off it takes you.

However Elon Musk disagrees.

He claims that Autopilot wasn't at fault and that it couldn't be activated on that street. Of course he would say that-it is his own company but he has a history of dishonesty by now. If you want to know about some of these lies then this website is brilliant for reading about those lies.

Lets think about this for a minute. Some random meme lord who is an apocalyptic idiot for bringing Autopilot to the roads thinks he knows better than professionals. He isn't even an enthusiast-he is just saying this for marketing before the stocks collapse.

So what should be done?

GM has a far better take on this. For their Super Cruise system they have cameras to make sure that the drivers are still paying attention but I wouldn't want cameras anytime soon in a Tesla I was in. Another potential option is that they put in some sort of weight measurement in the seat so that the driver must sit there but then they will just put a lump of scrap metal there to fool that too.

Or how about this for an idea? We drive the cars ourselves. That has already seemed to have caught on with the sensible majority on our roads.

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Comments (27)

  • Remember, there are no true self driving cars sold in the world today. Teslas and GM products have PARTIAL autonomy, NOT full autonomy. I don't think that this problem is entirely tesla's fault, people are under the misconception that their cars can drive themselves while they sleep in the backseat and make tiktok videos. Fundamentally, its actually a pretty good luxury feature that allows drivers to relax a bit more on the road. Its the usage that's the problem.

      23 days ago
    • I think that Autopilot is just creating a toxic culture of being lazy in the car. That's why I think that if they aren't ready to do it all then stop making us ask what they can and can't do and if you want a job done right then do it yourself.

        23 days ago
    • I'd argue that most people see a car as an appliance for getting from a to b, and the more easily they can do it the better.

        23 days ago
  • That's a good idea! Driving the cars ourselves. Although nowadays humanity is too lazy to drive a car to where they want.

      23 days ago
    • The Americans are too bust eating a burger, the British are too busy messing everything up, the Aussies are upside-down, the Russians are high on vodka, the Chinese are too bust making nukes and everybody else just falls asleep. It saddens...

      Read more
        23 days ago
    • Yeah, me too. This world is going backwards all the time.

        23 days ago
  • haha computer go ooga ooga ooga

      23 days ago
  • Isn’t the autopilot just a fancy cruise control system??

    What should happen in my opinion is, add a proper IQ test into the driving test Hopefully it should weed out a few morons

      22 days ago
  • So you like the cameras but you don’t want them?

      23 days ago
    • I would prefer them for Autopilot but I don't trust Tesla one bit. Really it should just go then people drive the car themselves.

        23 days ago
    • Why don’t you trust them

        23 days ago