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    Fire completely destroys Singer 911 in the saddest motoring story of the year

    Will you manage to keep your emotions in check whilst reading this?

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    Everyone has that one vehicle that they hope to purchase some day, if your wallet allows you to do so. Some people count pennies for a BMW M3, whilst others harbour late night dreams of sitting behind the wheel of their very own modern day Ferrari. You'd be lying if you said that you didn't already know what one car you'd spend your money on if you hit the lottery.

    But, for an abundance of ambitious petrolheads, the ultimate prize would be to own a 911 - and not just any 911 at that, but rather, a classic 964-generation model that's had a visit to Rob Dickinson's specialist divison: Singer. And who can blame them? When it comes to reimagining old school motors, the Los Angeles-based firm are quite possibly the best in the business.

    Image credit: Fortune.

    Image credit: Fortune.

    An amalgamation of elements are what really make a Singer Porsche the perfect Porsche. Perhaps it's the retrograde body, or maybe the fact that they still sport an air-cooled engine? It could even be the Fuchs-style wheels, the throwback ducktail spoiler, or even the aftermarket widebody treatment? One thing's for sure, a culmination of all those factors really makes a Singer Porsche eternally desirable - even if you'd have to part ways with a considerable portion of your pension savings.

    You'd be forgiven, at this point, for feeling some sort of emotional attachment towards them - like you'd never want anything bad to happen to a single model, or that if someone were to hurt a Singer Porsche, you'd hurt them twice as bad. But what if it were the elements, as opposed to some jealous junkie, that hurt a Singer Porsche? The Earth and its foundations can't be that mean, can they? Well .. think again.

    This one-of-a-kind, completely individualized Singer 911 recently went up in flames, and as a result, is currently up for sale on car salvage auction website Copart, located in Hartford, Connecticut. Road and Track decided to find out just what happened to the deceased dream car, and duly got a reply from its creators, who said the following:

    "Very sadly, an incident at a private residence resulted in a fire that spread to and destroyed a number of cars, including this Porsche 911 restored by Singer. Our sympathies are with the owner, who is understandably devastated and wishes to remain anonymous. As always we respect the privacy of our customers and will not be commenting any further."

    It just makes your heart sink, doesn't it? As clarified by Singer, we won't know any further details about what led to the carnage for the time being, and we may never find out if the owner of the car decides not to give us an explanation. But it's not all doom and gloom, perhaps some righteous soul out there will decide to bring it back from the dead, and instil a lease of new life into it? I hope that it does happen, and maybe that person could be you? Go on, do the motoring world a favour ..

    Leave your thoughts and prayers down below. :(

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    • That’s it. 2020 has officially ruined everything.

        29 days ago
    • If you can’t afford it twice, don’t own it. It’s likely covered with a tidy insurance policy. Perhaps the owner will try a Magnus Walker next time around? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        1 month ago
    • The car is destroyed, nobody was hurt. I like cars but humans still have more value. Let's bring things in perspective

        28 days ago
    • I think it's fixable, though it will take time and, of course, money. It looks like metal structure is intact, somewhat, and only plastic bits are melted. What looks like "soft window" Red Targa on its left seems superficially damage. Front wheel and tyre looks ok and it's leveled. So, another front wheel and rear wheels should be good too.

        28 days ago
    • That really blows! Prayers for the family, hoping no one was hurt in the fire. Hopefully someone with deep, deep pockets can resurrect it. 😢

        1 month ago


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