Fire Trucks. Because why not?

A parade of Emergency Service Equipment.

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Fire trucks. I know nothing about them. Well, other than they are built for a specific reason, they are large, loud, and have flashy lights. I'm sure there are those out there who are full of knowledge on this subject, but I am not one. What I am here, is just a automotive photographer, who seen big trucks with flashing lights, and blaring sirens and said "I wanna drive it!". Knowing of course they probably will not let me drive it, I decided to just plop down on the curb, and snap photos for people to enjoy.

I wanted to start with the oldest thing there. Fred Flintstone, and the Bedrock Fire Department (aka The Cave Station 16) decided to show up. Wonder how well a wooden axe works? Or if kids today even know who Fred Flintstone is. And then the next image I want to be the actual oldest thing I seen there. A time where we used horses instead of engines. And man, this thing was old. The wheels had about as much camber as a stance works photo shoot.

Moving along, there is always the ones we all probably want to drive. The super long ladder trucks that you steer from the rear.

The cool crab walkers covered, lets move on to the roofless ones. I'm sure if I did just a quick search I could find out why they were roofless for so long, but I don't care. I just know they look cool, and it gives me the chance to make this awkward. Check out these TOPLESS FIREFIGHTERS!

Lets take a second to wonder what the hell anyone was thinking when they agreed to use a VW Beetle, as a car for promoting the avoidance of drugs. A car that goes hand in hand with the hippie movement of the 60's. Free love, expression, experimental, and oh yeah, DRUGS. Thankfully they don't teach actual history that's relevant in a modern world now days, so kids today probably can't connect the dots on this one. But to me, it's just to much irony not to poke fun at. Congrats again to the Drugs, for winning the Nancy and Ronald Regan "War on Drugs".

Alright, slight political joke over, lets move back onto the big stuff. These 2 look old, and have roofs:

Now I'm not positive on this, and it's just a random theory I have, but I think one reason people become a Shriner, is the same reason one becomes a fire fighter. To wear cool hats and drive fun cars around. These are two Shriners from the event. One in a pint sized Prowler. But all joking aside, the Shriners are good people, and they do a lot for sick children and the communities they are in.

Then this 4x4 showed up. Clearly the ideal choice of it's era for mountain rescue. Looks like something built for a Hollywood movie. Fold down window, and a mean wide stance with those beefy tires.

There was a section of wreckers and tow trucks along the route as well. Ranging from flatbed to traditional tire grabbers, and the super heavy duty recuse/recovery. Which I'm not going to lie, I find a clean heavy duty wrecker to be a unique and oddly good looking vehicle. Maybe an unpopular carpinion there, but I'm not taking it back. However this early 1930's Ford tow truck was a thing of beauty.

And finally, these were the only two regular cars in the parade. The Galaxy 500 convertible is not something I see much of, even being in the south where people tend to hold onto these type of cars.

Well, that is it. If you know any fun facts about any of these vehicles please share them in the comments. Even for the last two. I may live in America, but my automotive passion lays with cars of many different countries other than my own.

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