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Firebird or Sunfire?

You've logged a couple hundred miles...

3y ago

...there's only about 30min of your trip ahead of you. Its afternoon and you're by yourself, so you have to pull off the highway, get some coffee and have a break.

You find a small country eatery with just a couple of cars in the parking lot, go inside and sit at the bar. You strike up some small talk with the waiter and a few seats down a customer cheerily chimes in.

The two of you talk it up over the next hour, eventually moving closer and you start to think that since you are both available, that this may be a connection worth pursuing. Giddy from having a great time and way too much coffee, you head off to the restroom.

On the way back you look out the windows to see afternoon transitioning to evening, and notice there are still just the two cars, besides yours, in the parking lot - a neglected Sunfire and a souped-up Firebird. Just two customers, beside you, in this place.

Does this change your idea of the perceived connection? What do you do next?

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