Fireblade On Tour

So whilst I get my act together and get some new photos and new builds for you, we can have a look on last minute un-planned trip to the UK to the A.R.S.E Rally
I was due to attend a Honda training course at the Honda Institute in slough, normally the garage I was working for at the time would fly us to such things. I saw that the rally was on a few days later so stuff flying, got the boss to pay the boat fare and left Guernsey with zero prep and stuck me and the fireblade on the boat to Weymouth.

So with the training out the way, time to leave the institute and head into London to see some friends and have few cold ones at the BIG RED in Holloway Road. great pub if your into your rock music I have no connection to the pub, I just like drinking there if I am in the area.

Big Red onHolloway Road in London.

So the following day i decided to head up to Preston, visit some mates, see if we could get Staffords GSXR to work and then we would both ride back down south to the rally. It was at this point that the lack of prep for this trip bit me. Slightly warm day, heavy traffic that was so jammed packed filtering was difficult and all of a sudden theres steam and I've got a warm arse. The cooling fan wasnt working and i had over heated the bike (it has no clocks or gauges so no temp to look at) Managed to borrow a multimeter and set to work at side of the road with some fault finding.

Roadside repairs.

With the bike repairs sorted I headed up to Preston, drank many beers and came to the conclusion that Stafford’s bike wasn’t going anywhere. A bolt snapped in the head and the exhaust was garbage even by our standards. A tour of the local breakers turned up nothing useable for an oil cooled GSXR, but we did find a complete watercooled GSXR at a used dealer. So……..

Shell suit paint job of the 90s GSXRs was cured in seconds.

Bike paid for, wheeled outside and painted black badly there and then. Much to the horror of the shop. haha. and we are off down south.

A.R.S.E Rally, it won best RatFighter.

Arrived at rally, drank beer with good people. looked at silly bikes. good times. Great little trip and all last minute.

At The Harbour.

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