- Pic Credits: @421CHEVAUX (Twitter post pic)

Firefighters Rescue A Shelby GT350 from California Wildfire

I have to say I have a lot of respect for firefighters. It doesn’t matter where in the world they are, I have a massive amount of respect for them. Today, while speaking to my Californian housemate and alongside surfing Twitter, my respect for firefighters increased even more. Why? Because they risked life and limb to save a GT350 from a burning home caused due to the wildfire.

If you love Mustangs, we all list the 1960s Shelby GT350 as an Iconic car, even if we don’t love it, we still list it as an iconic car. If the car is in good condition, can start & move and retains the original parts and papers, the car fetches a value comfortably in 6 figures. One I heard sold for a figure slightly north of 200,000 thousand dollars and am sure some have sold for even more than that.

I am sure the firefighters didn’t move the car because of the car being valuable but, more as a safety protocol - to avoid explosions while fighting fires. None the less hats-off to all the Californian Firefighters for saving a car and pushing it to a safe(r) zone. None the less I do feel bad for the people affected by the wildfire. I hope it does not happen in the future and the firefighters successfully put out the fire.



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