- Amazing hood ornament on a "​Ravge" Rover Classic

Firefighting vehicles of the past

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Serving the city of Santo Tirso, in the north of Portugal, for almost a century now, this Volunteer Fire Department, characterised by its yellow colour, has an active board with more than a hundred people and approximately 45 vehicles. Some of these are not serving anymore, but due to their value within the corporation they have been kept in an impeccable state of conservation.

Why go for decals when you can attach sculptures to the body panels?

This is probably my favourite. A 1971 Range Rover Classic with an amazing tridimensional badge, the word "Tirsenses" (which is the adjective relating to our city's name and is included on the name of the corporation), and other details like the call sign (PS6). Everything in this car is pristine, from the brown leather of the seats to the dashboard or the chrome details, except for a part of the "N" in "Range", which turns this on a rare "Ravge" Rover.

The name's "​Ajudante António Maria"

As you can see on the lower right corner of the bonnet of every vehicle, they are named after some important members of the corporation. The custom ornament in the centre is also a beautiful proof of attention to detail.

Sirens in the front!

The Jeep CJ, as simple and compact as it should be in order to reach difficult access fire zones. The badge is there again, this time on top of the front grille, over the siren. The "interior" is as simple as the car itself, with no more than the obvious driving essentials and a few gauges and buttons. I personally love the green on yellow colour spec and the axe attached to the outside of the rear panel.

The cavalry's just arrived!

Representing the medium-duty class, this beautiful Chevrolet C60 fire engine.

"Dr. G. Lima Carneiro"

The next one is a rather funny case to me, and I'd appreciate a lot that you correct me if you think I'm wrong. Is this a Nash Airflyte with a Cadillac badge in the front? Or my knowledge is limited, or the guys at the workshop that customised this have a wicked sense of humor...

"Comandante Eugenio Miranda"

Is this a Nash Airflyte with a Cadillac badge in the front?

I found this car particularly interesting because it allowed me to understand how much firefighting has evolved in the last decades. The equipment is so rudimentary... From the size of the water tank to the wooden ladders (a pretty nice thing to bring close to fire).

The trademark of every vintage firefighting vehicle.

Last but definitely not least, an American V8, powering a GMC Sierra 3500.

I hope you enjoyed! How crazy are you about fire trucks?