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    For the first post, i like to introduce my self. My name is Ahmad Hanis, 22 year old and currently studying engineering technology of automotive manufacturing at Unikl Malaysia Spanish Institute(MSI). As Malaysian, we have long history in car culture, from JDM, British car influence, European engineering perfection and our own national car company ; Proton.

    As a growing up teenager, getting a car license is a must. But that only just for us to easy get around and not getting the ticket. I might know a little bit about car, maybe from video games, people talk and well-known car like mitsubishi evo, mercedes and proton(as national car).

    Retro Havoc

    Retro Havoc

    I have being to several car autoshow, but what make my inner car culture spark was this event in 2014 ; Retro Havoc. For me, this is the proper car show as in Malaysia there were very little event that appreciate car culture. This event make deep memory to myself, I clearly still remember what happen that day.

    chevrolet el camino

    chevrolet el camino

    The night before the event, I am travelling from Ipoh (200KM) toward city central of Kuala Lumpur. My friend that studying nearby pick me up. We sleep early because very excited and dont want to miss it. In the morning, we rushing to the event, many people are already there. Before we even enter the show, we are surprise, a super rare car parking outside. I dont ever know what the car is. It is a chevrolet el camino

    Starting from that, many Japanese rare car start to appear. Nissan Skyline, Silvia

    my friend Zaid

    my friend Zaid

    To super bright orange Toyota Supra

    Toyota AE86, Initial D influence

    volkswagen kombi

    volkswagen kombi

    The event held under the hanger, so it quiet big and massive crowd

    This nissan/datsun 240Z is my favorite old car. The design of the car is timeless.

    This crazy looking Toyota Corolla is local legend. This car enter many local car show. I heard now the owner is travelling to China using this car.

    My favorite car 240Z

    The kid also love the 240Z, haha

    The rotary dragster

    There also some local 'street cub' motorcyle

    So many car.....

    This some special modification mini with Honda Vtec heart

    More rotary geng

    Even-though the event until late evening, we need to rush to another location. But all the greatest and enjoyment of the event make me still remember this event forever. I hope that more event like this in Malaysia with outstanding quality.

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