First car, or the penultimate.

You can only get your dreams through rElentless pursuit.

4y ago

Long before I grew to love airplanes, there were Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Micro Machines.

The Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars were a hodgepodge of vans, mustangs, classic cars, and one-offs. Nothing that ever really grabbed my attention. My first set of Micro Machines, though? Two cars were in that set that I still can envision today - a red with white scallops first generation Corvette, and a silver Mercedes Gullwing. Both cars have been on my agenda since then, and while I've had a chance to drive the exact color Corvette, the Mercedes has eluded me.

In spite - or because of - this, my DriveTribe is called Life's Pursuits. It's the thing in motoring we all chase after, whether it is the first car that gives you freedom, the third car that goes out on weekends (but only in good weather) or the 1966 Austin Mini daily driver that for some reason ticks all your boxes. And we want to hear about all of them.

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Comments (2)

  • Thanks Wil - Saw that car and fell in love with it too!

      4 years ago
  • Love the Ghia! Stumbled over from Jalopnik...

      4 years ago