First drive in a turbo impreza

In spring, i was helping a friend with some driving tips, when an opportunity arose to do one run myself. naturally, i couldn't pass that up.

The car I'd be driving was a completely standard Subaru Impreza GT, with about 200 horsepower and ridiculously long gearing. This particular event took place on a deserted airfield, and after being in the passenger's seat for the first run, I figured that, since an onboard camera was already in the car, doing a single run would be even better, as then there'd be a reference for both time and braking points.

There was just one slight issue - I had never driven a turbo Impreza (or any Impreza, for that matter). So, naturally, I took the car for a quick drive before the start to get used to it. OK, that is a lie. I rolled up to the start line and just went for it, having driven about 30 meters in the car before launching it from the start line.

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I admit, camera placement could've been much better. Still, it's something

Still, it was quite a solid run for the circumstances, turning out to be the fastest of the 7 times set by a Subaru Impreza GT at that particular moment. And the best part is that the onboard was a very valuable reference, helping my friend shave 8 seconds off the first run time to win her class!

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