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First Electric AC Cobra is fired up for the first time

Could this new electric car be the first of many electric cars to be released by AC.

6w ago

AC Cars, makers of the cobra, have finished the development of an electrified cobra series 1. The car has been given a unique powertrain helping it live up the the legend that is the original car. The car has been made in cooperation with the Derby-based technical partner Falcon Electric who are responsible for helping to make sure that the implementation of the electric motor doesn't disrupt the car's original personality and performance.

The production of this new car is a milestone for the company whose heritage stretched back 120 years. Recently, the company has started the release of a range of new cars marking a renaissance for the company. In June, AC Cars announced the release of the AC Cobra Series 4.

The new electric cobra promises the unmistakable performance of the original cars from 1962 which was achieved using a Ford V8 in an AC Ace. The fitting of an electric motor is just as significant as the origin of the car and will assure the cars maintain their reputation whilst still being ready for the future.

The new vehicle has a 0-62mph time of around 4 seconds which is similar to that of the original car. It will have a range of nearly 150 miles which, of course, can be achieved whilst producing zero emissions. It weighs 1050kg which again lives up to the original low-weight ethics from back in the '60s. Only 58 cars will be produced to celebrate the anniversary of the first Cobra's production. Because of this they have a suggested retail price of ยฃ138,000. If you choose to buy one of these, you will be able to choose for it to be in either electric blue, electric black, electric white or electric green.

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      1 month ago
  • I mean its a replica not the real one

      1 month ago
  • Well since itโ€™s a replica I like it

      1 month ago