- Oak Green Metallic and gold wheels is a winning combination

First Ever Factory Recommissioned Porsche Carrera GT Unveiled

47w ago


By Nitish Deshpande

It has been more than a decade since Porsche introduced the Carrera GT and somehow it still manages to over power the design of cars from 2018. The simple lines, open top, Le Mans engine and a soundtrack to die for; this car keeps on elevating to new levels in the automotive appreciation world. The car holds a special place in everyone's opinion but for one man, it means much more than that! An unnamed car collector from the United States has rekindled his love for the Carrera GT by going overboard and creating a unique Carrera GT.

This is the first ever factory recommissioned Carrera GT. The owner worked together with Porsche to bring his dream project into reality. The exterior is finished in Porsche classic Oak Green Metallic colour thereby making it the only Carrera GT in this shade in existence. The car was unveiled at the Porsche Experience Center Atlanta and should be up for display for the next few days.

Talking about this Carrera GT, one glance at the car and you will notice the original yet unusual gold wheels. @discommon reports that Porsche had to take extra steps to achieve this finish on the magnesium wheels. The owner reportedly wanted gold wheels as a homage to the BBS golden racing wheels. The process was intricate due to the fact that magnesium cannot be polished hence Porsche had to first sand it, apply a special primer by hand and then silver plate it and finally paint the five spokes in golden colour. The process ends with a clear coat and the results as visible are astonishing. The picture is completed by the golden wheel hub caps with race inspired red and blue centre locks on either side.

The gold treatment gets carried over to the glorious sounding V10 engine. Hidden beneath the mesh grille of the engine deck lid, you will find the cylinder heads finished in gold layer with silver Porsche logo. The gold finish matches nicely with the factory spec 'Motor Oil' gold font on the circular knob behind it.

The images do not show the interior but what we know is that they have not been spared either in this customization process. According to the post, the seats are done in a dual tone scheme of wine red metallic shade and black/grey inserts. The list of customization goes on! In fact the car features so many bespoke elements that they have released a book which documents all the details.

In 2018 we have seen various car collectors come forward and present their projects to the world. May it be David Lee's Ferrari Dino Monza 3.6, Automobili Amos' Lancia Delta Futurista or @select32's bespoke Oak Green Metallic Carrera GT; these projects force you to take a seat and appreciate these machines.

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