First Ferrari Pista in Vancouver

Spotted the first Pista in Vancouver being readied for delivery to its owner.

2y ago

Living 10 minutes away from the supercar hub of Vancouver is quite handy for me to be able to catch the first sightings of supercars coming to live in Vancouver. Last month I was riding around McLaren Vancouver when I spotted the first McLaren Senna in Vancouver being taken out for a shake down drive after its arrival. This afternoon I came across the latest Ferrari V8 offering, the Pista while it was being fueled up for delivery to its new owner. These are my first impressions.

The Pista (or Track) is the fourth in a line of limited-edition, track-focused versions of Ferrari’s mid-engine V8 two seaters. The first was the 2004 360 Challenge Stradale, next came the 430 Scuderia, another stripped-down Ferrari, followed by the 458 Speciale. It never ceases to amaze me that manufactures like Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini come out with these limited editions that have less luxury inside and yet they manage to sell them for more than the original versions. In the Pista for example you do not get door handles, instead you have to use leather pulls as door handles, all in the name of saving weight. The cockpit is also rather bare compared to a regular Ferrari 488. The upside of all this that Ferrari has found an additional 49 horsepower and dropped nearly 40 pounds from the V-8. In total, Ferrari claims a 176-pound weight reduction versus the GTB. Opt for the carbon-fiber wheels, a Ferrari first, and the weight drops by another 22 pounds. All this can be yours for $450,000 plus Canadian.

I confess when I saw the first photos of the Ferrari Pista online at the reveal I was not overly excited by the design. The Pista seemed to have lost some of the sleek looks of the 488 only to have gained muscle in the form of carbon fibre protrusions. Seeing the car in person I can confirm the Pista does indeed have a more aggressive profile than the 488 GTB. Ironically the heavier this car looks the lighter it is. The glass engine of the 488 GTB has been replaced by Lexan polycarbonate for further weight reduction.

I was to busy taking pictures of the Pista to really form an opinion of the car, now that I have had time to study the images I must say the Pista is a more engaging supercar than I first saw online. As with all the Ferrari track limited editions the Pista does exude its own rugged charm. Simply based on the looks I confess to preferring the more streamlined design of the 488 GTB and spider. No doubt its a cracker to drive, but I prefer proper door handles and less carbon fibre in my supercar. Who knows I might change my mind if I get the opportunity to get behind the wheel of this limited edition Ferrari. Fingers crossed.

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